What is inflamed?

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How do you get an inflamed prostate?

An inflamed prostate is referred to prostatitis (infection of prostate). There are various causes for it to happen: 1. Infection (bacteria, virus,etc) 2. Certain medications

What does inflame mean?

It means to literally burst into or be entirely consumed by flames; fire, an inferno! To be inflamed is to be engulfed in flames.

What is an inflamed ligament?

An inflamed ligament is a tissue in the body that has becomeinflamed. Athletes have to deal with this condition quite often.

What to do for inflamed prostates?

Inflamed prostate refers to prostatitis. Your doctor will prescribeantibiotics to treat the inflammation if it is caused by abacterial infection. Except that, herbal medicine
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Why is argon inflamable?

Because on the atom it's arrangment of outer electrons are full, making in harder to react to other elements, making the fire, a result of said reaction, impossible
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What helps inflamation?

Apply cold, and take either aspirin or ibuprofin, assuming that you know that you are not allergic to them. It may take many days for this procedure to make you feel better.