What is information technology?

Different sources provide different definitions. A few of these definitions and their sources are included, below... The International Foundation for Information Technology (MORE)

Why is information technology so popular?

Well its convenient. For example if you wanted to know the latest headline when your at the mall just pull out your blackberry(or anything that you can get news on) and there (MORE)

Why is Information technology?

I'm having a bit of trouble with that, so I'm going to answer WHAT is information technology? instead...... . The term Information Technology was coined decades ago as a way (MORE)

What is information technologi?

Information technologies are tools and techniques that support and development of information systems. A definition of information technology(IT) is given by Information Techn (MORE)

How do you think families get aware of modern technology?

They start with a low level technology, ( t.v for instance, ) in which they get Ads. With the knowledge of these adds, they might go and buy something, and then they might see (MORE)

How is technology popular?

Since humans cannot survive without technology (nor could many ofour prehuman ancestors) it will obviously be popular. Consider what you would do with no clothing, no means of (MORE)