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Why are certain babies called test tube babies?

Some babys are called Test Tube Babies because they are made in a lab if a female wants a baby but can't actully HAVE one.. See this link. to Louise Brown. the Worlds first (MORE)

Do you call in sick or call out sick?

"Call in" means to place a call in to work to let them know something. It could be for a status update, it could be to check on an assignment, or it could be to inform your wo (MORE)
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Are there any sicknesses that a baby could have when born?

They can inherit (most) anything from their parents, a lot of things such as asthma allergies and STI's like HIV AIDS and things like that. Also, there is such a thing as blue (MORE)

Do cows have a certain diet when they are sick?

Well, that depends on what they happened to get sick from, or lack there of. If a bovine got sick from eating too much grain, then it can't have grain until it's healthy again (MORE)