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Why are certain babies called test tube babies?

Some babys are called Test Tube Babies because they are made in a lab if a female wants a baby but can't actully HAVE one.   See this link   to Louise Brown   the Wor (MORE)

What do you call un born babies?

Until they resemble humans, they are called embryos. After that until birth they are called fetuses.
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Are there any sicknesses that a baby could have when born?

They can inherit (most) anything from their parents, a lot of things such as asthma allergies and STI's like HIV AIDS and things like that. Also, there is such a thing as blue (MORE)

Do cows have a certain diet when they are sick?

Well, that depends on what they happened to get sick from, or lack there of. If a bovine got sick from eating too much grain, then it can't have grain until it's healthy again (MORE)