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What is it called when you try to keep or maintain something in its original form?

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You just had a car repossessed because you can no longer make the payments or maintain full insurance coverage Now the lender keeps trying to call you What should you do?

  Depends on if you intend on paying the lender any money. Unless you file for bankrupcy they can call your house reqeusting that you repay them. At some point (saying you

How do you keep Giratina in origin form after you catch it?

You have to return to the distortion world after defeating the elite four and Cynthia (the champion), and successfully beating the game. Though Cynthia previously blocked the

How do you keep giritina in origin form in platimum?

you would need to fight the league four cause Cynthia would be blocking the turn back cave.once you beat her go to the turn back cave and into the reverse world and get the pl

How do you keep Giratina in origin form?

go to turn back cave and find giratina's room then go to the reverse world then go to wards the place you caught giratina before you get there you see a pokeball it will say

How do you keep Giratina origin forme?

all you have to do is enter the second portal to the distortion world into turn back cave you can enter turn back cave from the spring path (you can only do this after you hav

Why does your dog keep gagging and trying to cough something up?

Obviously, I am no animal diognostician however, my West Highland White terrier has recently been ripping up grass and munching on it - my Father and I though this was really