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How are dogs house pets?

That depends upon what dog and how good a house dog keeper you are. Dogs have to relieve themselves, and if you are asking this question, no insult meant, you probably don't h (MORE)

Why a saarlooswolfhond is a bad dog pet?

A Saarloos Wolfhound is not necessarily great to have as a pet because they have so much wolf characteristics in them. Wolves are generally shy towards people and so is this b (MORE)

Why do people like dogs as pets?

Dogs have a number of features that people like, probably the most important of which is loyalty. Dogs take a great interest in the people who own them as pets (or, you might (MORE)

Did the stone age have dogs as pets?

Dog was the earliest animal to be domesticated and we have concrete evidence for this from at least around 14,000 years ago, at the end of the earliest stage of the stone age. (MORE)

What is the name of Barbie's pet dog?

Here are the names up through 1999.   1980 Barbie Doll's Dog/Beauty the Afghan hound   1985 The Poodle Barbie Doll Cares for/Prince   1986 Heart Family/True Heart (MORE)

Dog Mopping the Pavement

Agatha the Komondor did her best impression of a living mop when she wiggled on the ground and pretended to clean it up; but once she saw her kong rolling on the ground, she s (MORE)