What is jays wooz pet mop dog name?


What was the most profound piece of advice you received from Dr. Drew during Celebrity Rehab?

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Don't Buy a Pet Prairie Dog Without Understanding These Important Facts

You've seen a prairie dog pop his or her head above ground, twitching their little nose, and you've fallen in love with the adorable creatures. You decide that you want to hav (MORE)
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Good News and Bad News About Prairie Dogs as Pets

There are five types of prairie dogs, the most common is the black tailed. If you're considering adopting a prairie dog as a pet, it's important to know the facts. These anima (MORE)
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Wild Friends: Tips for Keeping Wolf Dogs as Pets

Wolf dogs are essentially mixed breed animals with anywhere from 50 percent or less wolf blood. Often the wolf is bred with another larger, wolf-like dog, such as a German She (MORE)
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Exotic Animals at Home: Keeping Prairie Dogs as Pets

With a long-term commitment from a devoted owner, prairie dogs are an excellent companion. Here are some tips for successfully keeping these exotic animals as pets.Laws vary f (MORE)
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What You Need to Know About Prairie Dogs as Pets

People who keep prairie dogs as pets are considered to be as special as the pets they keep. Many people consider the relationship between these exotic animals and their owners (MORE)
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Quality Cleaning: Top Rated Steam Mops

Steam mops are incredible tools used to deep clean any kind of floor. They do not use detergent, only water which they heat up into steam, a very effective cleaner. It is easy (MORE)
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What is a pet name?

Traditionally (western culture), it is an affectionate and sometimes comic re-naming of a very close friend or relative.

Will a dog get along with a pet rat?

It all depends on the type of dog you have. I had a golden retriever mix that got along fine with my pet rats, but I supervised them very carefully when I let them see each ot (MORE)

What do you do to a pet dog?

first thing you do is neuter or spay him or her we don't need any more dogs put down but of course do that after u get the dog all its shots