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How are dogs house pets?

That depends upon what dog and how good a house dog keeper you are. Dogs have to relieve themselves, and if you are asking this question, no insult meant, you probably don't h (MORE)

Why a saarlooswolfhond is a bad dog pet?

A Saarloos Wolfhound is not necessarily great to have as a pet because they have so much wolf characteristics in them. Wolves are generally shy towards people and so is this b (MORE)

Do you have a pet dog?

  Yes and she is the craziest dog on earth, but I love her with all my heart.
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Did the stone age have dogs as pets?

Dog was the earliest animal to be domesticated and we have concrete evidence for this from at least around 14,000 years ago, at the end of the earliest stage of the stone age. (MORE)

Do Blue Jays make good pets?

  it depends. if you find an older blue jay, then no. it wont get to know you cause it is old. if you find a blue jay EGG, and it hatches, you can care for it and it will (MORE)

What is the name of Barbie's pet dog?

Here are the names up through 1999.   1980 Barbie Doll's Dog/Beauty the Afghan hound   1985 The Poodle Barbie Doll Cares for/Prince   1986 Heart Family/True Heart (MORE)

Can dogs attach other pet dogs?

Yes, it can happen. Sometimes dogs seem to have special friends,  whom they look out for. It can happen with two dogs in the same  household, or with those who see each othe (MORE)