Recently, you seem to be drawn towards the romantic comedy genre. Have you always been a rom-com type of guy?

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What do you get if you find all the jay wooz caps?

What do you get if you find all the jay wooz caps?

You will receive a spell that will make you a rock band and once ppl click on you you get beex. Hope my answer helps u add me on woozworld my name is venessahughend in woozwor

What was the name of Hitlers Pet Dog?

Blondi. He owned her for about 4 years. Unfortunately, in his state of paranoia in the waning days of the Second World War, he killed his beloved pet.

Where are all the Caps of Jay wooz in woozworld?

1: Foodz Showroom. 2: Gluttonz Zoo. 3: Rookie Quest Unitz. 4: Boutique Maya's Collection. 5: Woozworld Stadium. 6: Stylz Shop. 7: Woozmart. 8: Lib Street Fashion Show. 9: Max'

What is a good name for a pet dog?

It really depends what breed and what you yourself want to call it. Personally I've always wanted a black greyhound that I would name Orchid and a fawn greyhound that I would