Your pet dog name?

Man, there are THOUSANDS of things you can name your dog. It can be anything as original as Fido, Max, and Fifi to more "colored" ones, like Misty, Domino, Tiger, Shadow, Lesh (MORE)

What is a good name for a pet dog?

It really depends what breed and what you yourself want to call it. Personally I've always wanted a black greyhound that I would name Orchid and a fawn greyhound that I would (MORE)

What is the name of Barbie's pet dog?

Here are the names up through 1999. 1980 Barbie Doll's Dog/Beauty the Afghan hound 1985 The Poodle Barbie Doll Cares for/Prince 1986 Heart Family/True Heart the sheepdog (call (MORE)
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How do you get a free wooz pet?

Impossible. You will have to buy it, because if you are trying to get it free with the Wuzzles, first of all they cost wooz, which you are probably a non-paying poor peep try (MORE)