Importance of job satisfaction?

Job satisfaction is a two way street in that both the employer and employee must insure that it exists. The nature of a job can be planned, altered and changed. From the pers (MORE)

What is job in-satisfaction?

Job in-satisfaction tends to exist, when:. a worker does not get the amount of remuneration as per his requirements. an employee has too much of work stress, more than his c (MORE)
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What job satisfactions do nurses get?

Job satisfaction for nurses comes from within. Doing a job as efficiently as possible is satisfying. Having a patient say thank you is satisfying. Saving a life is satisfying. (MORE)

What are the objectives of job satisfaction in an organization?

· To discover the various expectations those determine the satisfaction level of employee(s). · To measure the level of satisfaction of employees with respect to the c (MORE)
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Statement of the problem Job satisfaction?

Job satisfaction is an important aspect of any company. When thereis a problem with job satisfaction, there can be decreased workflow, or workers who just do not care. A manag (MORE)