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What is the value of a 1930 Athletics baseball autographed by Jimmie Foxx Lefty Grove Al Simmons Mickey Cochrane and six other lesser name players?

Multi Signed Baseball . A 1930 Philadelphia Athletics Team Signed Baseball with the key signatures: Mack, Simmons, Cochrane, Foxx, Dykes, Grove, Collins, and Miller is worth about $1,700.-$3,000.. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the baseball. Prices may also vary based on the amount of signatures, and key signatures acquired. The more complete the baseball with key signatures the more valuable.. In a recent auction a 1930 Philadelphia Athletics Team Signed Baseball sold for $3,132. The minimum amount signatures to be considered to be a team signed baseball varies on who you talk to. for the most part 17, 21, 25 or more. I have heard of collectors considering 12-15 signatures to be sufficient. The baseball you have only has 10 signatures and might be considered a multi signed baseball but you have at least four key signatures, and that is a plus.. If the signatures are not properly authenticated the baseball could sell at half the market value or less. For more information on team signed baseballs, links to full team rosters, key signatures, and price guide visit the following page from the link I left below.

Who is Chris Foxx?

Chris Foxx's ties are in film, music and party promotion. Production credits for Meagan Good film Sundays in Fort Greene and former Famous Stars and Straps brand ambassador. Foxx reportedly plays an unspecified role at Innovator Management run by reality tv star Spencer Pratt. Rumored to have been involved with actress Lauren London in 2006. This however has never been confirmed by either party. As of late has gained notoriety via a strong web presence, public spats with mogul Sean Combs and rapper Soulja Boy.

Who is Jamie Foxx?

Jamie Foxx is a Oscar winning actor, famous for playing Singer, Ray Charles. He is also a Grammy winning musician with 2 chart topping albums.

What is Amy lee real name?

Amy Lynn Hartzler is her married name. Amy Lynn Lee was her full name before she was married. It isn't fake.

Why is Macbeth not a real name?

Macbeth was very real. He was king of Scotland for 17 years from1040 to 1057. The original King Macbeth's name was actual MacBethad meaning Son of Bethad. There are all kinds of people withthe surname Macbeth living now. Google "Ryan Macbeth" if you don'tbelieve me. It's a real name.

What is the real name if the refrigerator?

The root of the word originated in the early 1500's most likely latin origin. Even before written word though man knew that cold kept food fresh. From digging a hole in the ground to the most elaborate refrigerations we have in operation today, there has also been an ice-box as many of the people growing up in the 20th century now about.

What is Gangsta Flea's real name?

his first name is Tito. Cant remember his last name right now for some reason. He was my neighbor in San Quentin. I consider him a friend and he's a solid homie. Free Flea!!!!

What is Pocahontas real name?

Pocahontas is her real name, she also went by the names: Matoaka (or Matoika) and Amonute. Her "Christian" name was Rebecca Rolfe.

Is Redd Foxx kin to Jamie Foxx?

No. Jaimie Foxx (who's real name is Eric Bishop) made up the name to get more gigs because "Jaimie" is a unisex name and therefore he could not be written off without an interveiw or head shot. The extra "x" in "Foxx" was indeed inspired by Redd Foxx but there is no actual relation between the two.

Who is red foxx?

Redd Foxx played the character Fred G. Sanford on the sitcom Sanford and Son....he was a junk dealer that lived with his son, LaMont.

What is bella's real name in real life?

The actress that plays Bella is Kristen Stewart. Bella's full name is Isabella Marie Swan/ Cullen

What was their real name?

first tell me what or who you are talking about and then go and ask that person or thing

What is karina's real name for real?

While there are many women named Karina, you may be referring to the Grammy-nominated singer who goes by that name. Her real name is Karina Pasian.

Who is Porsche Foxx?

She is an African-American on-air radio personality, who until recently was working at Atlanta radio station V-103.

What is melrose place about?

It is about a group of 20 somethings living in Melrose Place. Jake (Grant Show) a handyman with a love for motorbikes. This character appeared in Beverley Hill 90210 (Melrose Place is a spin off of this. Some of the Beverley Hill's cast appear in early episodes. Matt Fielding (Doug Savant) a gay social worker who works at the Wiltshire Hospital. Micheal Mancini a doctor his wife Jane a fashion Designer, Allison Parker (Courtney Thorne Smith)avertising and her house mate Billy Campbell (Andrew Shue) and struggling writer who wants to move away from his parents for indepence. Later stars Heather Locklear as Amanda Woodward Allison's boss. This is a fantastic series that has lots a twists and turns of their turballent lives!

What is sonny real name in real life?

sonny real name in real life is Debbi. but in on the show sonny is middle name ailson is her real name on the show everyboy justs calls her sonny.. are you talking about sonny in sonny with a chance. Cause if you are her name is Demi Lovato!

What does the name melrose mean?

In Latin, 'Mel" meant Honey, and was a common name where the Romans colonized. 'Rose', obviously, is a type of flower. If you put them together, you get "honey-rose" or "rose- honey". It probably means sweet, beautiful, or loving, based on the connotations of both meanings.

Why does Jamie Foxx calls himself Jamie Foxx?

He adopted the surname Foxx as a tribute to legendary comic ReddFoxx (1922-1991) and used the ambiguous spelling "Jamie" to trickcomedy emcees into picking him, not knowing by his name if he wasmale or female.

What was the name of that gospel song sung during the funeral in Ray the movie starring Jamie Foxx?

Not sure about movie, but Jaime does a nice version of 'I'll Fly Away' as an interlude on a Kanye West album. It's often sung at the end of funerals at traditionally black churches.

What is renesmee's real name in real life?

Renesmee is a fictional character. (Twilight is a work of fiction, so its characters are too.) She is not real, so therefore there is no "name in real life" for her. HOWEVER, if you meant the name of the girl who acts her part, then she is Mackenzie Foy.

What is ponyboy's real name in real life?

If you are talking about the book THE OUTSIDERS his name is Ponyboy Michael Curtis that's the name that his parents gave him since the day he was born.

Who is turk melrose?

Turks aren't European, nor are they Mediterranean people. They are from Central Asia. They are Mongolian people who are without culture. People who have NO culture are called Barbarians. Turks belong in their own country, Mongolia and not Cyprus nor in Anatolia. There will never be peace as long as they continue their racist, bigot, Nazis regime on land that does not belong to them. As long as, they continue to occupy illegal lands there will never be peace. Cyprus will be freed from the barbarian hands and Anatolia will be freed from barbarian hands. Cyprus cannot not divided by this terrorist regime any longer. Death to all that is Turkish especially their military. Long live a Free Cyprus, Free Greece, Free Armenia, Free Kurdistan, Free Georgia, Free Assyria. The only way all these people could finally be freed is if Turkey ceases to exist.

What is the real name of L in real life?

his name is japnese voice actor(cartoon):Kappei Yamaguchi english voice(cartoon):Alessandro Juliani live movie japan:Kenichi Matsuyama english movie:alessandro juliani hope this is what you kinda ask 4

What is renee Cullen's real name?

Her name is actually Renee Swan in the books and films (Bella's birth mom). In real life she is played by Sarah Clarke.

What is the real name of Siddartha Guatama?

Siddartha Guatama is the real name of Buddha. He is commonly called Buddha because he created the religion Buddhism. But his real name is Saddartha Guatama.

What are the wright brotherss' real names?

The Wright brothers , are Orville (August 19, 1871 - January 30, 1948) and Wilbur (April 16, 1867 - May 30, 1912),

What is Monique Guignard's real name?

Monique Guignard's real name is Milee Cresent she is a unknown 12 year old singer that is only known in Bathers new brunswick, she is a famous singer.

What is Lexi from Emmerdale's real name?

i dont know that is a stupid question and if you ask me you should spell lexi with a "y"

What is larxene's real name?

Kingdom Hearts' Larxene, along with Demyx, Luxord, and Marluxia, have yet to have their true names revealed. It's possible, now that Organization XIII's story is over, that we'll never know their real names.

What is Gus's real name from psych?

Dule Hill in the telivision series gus is a nickname and his real name is Burton guster

Is Tegan a real name?

Yes. Boy or girl. But if you think about it, can't basically anything be a "real" name??

Real name of iron 59?

FeLIX is the answer.. Fe = The symbol for iron in the periodic table LIX = The symbol for 59 in Roman Numeral

What is madanas real name?

If you are referring to the singer Madonna, her real name, given at birth is Madonna Louise Ciccone .

What is Celtic Womans real name?

Contrary to the name, Celtic Woman is actually a group comprised of five women; Alex Sharpe, Chloe Agnew, Lisa Kelly, Lynn Hilary, and Mairead Nesbitt.

What is the real name of a bone scientist?

Its a vague question. But maybe Forensic Anthropologist is what you're looking for since this is in the Bones tv show section.

What is the real name real name of stonewall?

The word or name stonewall can refer to more than "Stonewall"Jackson. It can also refer the the Stonewall Riots. This is badlyworded question, but the questions themselves apparently cannot beedited.

What is renessmaee real name in real life?

NO ONE KNOWS. She comes into the story in the 4rth and final book. Renesmee is obviously not in the movie yet because it has not been made. There for her actor( and real name) has not been decided. But her full name in the book is Renesmee Carlie Cullen.

Will -i -am real name?

will i am isn't a real name but William is its just a nick name will i am sad people use it lol x

What is a melrose diamond?

A brief search reveals 'melrose diamond' as a branding device used on a watch sold by Daniel Steiger. This is the only result apparently on the Internet.

Is the name Odette a real name?

Any name could be a real name. If you want it to be popular, it won't be popluar, only if people will start naming people that.

What is the real name of the pirate bartholomew Roberts real name?

Black Bart but Im not so sure on woozworld pirate quest it says its wrong anyways Im BlossomBottom on woozworld follow my buzz and add me also if you have wooz buy from me

What is Princeton real real name on facebook?

Well Princeton real name on Facebook is Princeton perezs Jacob ok y'all and Princeton is my man he lives right next to me

What is Gatsby's real history and where is he from and what is real name?

Jay Gatsby's real name is James Gatz and he was born and brought up in North Dakota. His parents were 'shiftless and unsuccessful farm people' and he was brought up as one. Gatsby had higher ambitions though so he worked as a janitor to pay for his school. He quit after two years and began to work by the seashore where he met Dan Cody(this is when he changes his name to Jay Gatsby). After working and caring for Dan Cody for 5 years, Cody dies leaving an inheritance for Gatsby which he did not manage to get hold of but instead Gatsby gets a lot more from him; His knowledge on hot to bootleg and make money. After working for Cody, Gatsby joins the army.

What is Katniss's real name in real life?

Do you mean the actress who plays Katniss? If so, her name is Jennifer Lawrence.

What is the real name of the rapper known as Foxx?

The real name of the rapper named Foxx is Jonathon Reed Sr. Foxx is just the stage name used when performing. He is also the CEO of his own private label.

Why is my YouTube name my real name?

Now, YouTube makes you create another google plus account with yourreal name to verify your account.

What is Percy's real name in real life?

In the book, his real name is Percy Jackson. In the movie, he isplayed by Logan Lerman.

Where is the Melrose Area Historical Society in Melrose Minnesota located?

The address of the Melrose Area Historical Society is: 518 2Nd St SE, Melrose, MN 56352

Where is the Melrose Park Public Library in Melrose Park located?

The address of the Melrose Park Public Library is: 801 North Broadway Street, Melrose Park, 60160 3725

Where is the Melrose Branch Library in Melrose located?

The address of the Melrose Branch Library is: 225 East 1St Street, Melrose, 56352 0027