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What is IBM's vision statement and mission statement?

Vision Statement - Solutions for a small planet   Mission Statement - At IBM, we strive to lead in the invention, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanc (MORE)

What is shell's mission statement?

  "We shall continue to deliver best value to our stakeholders by providing superior offerings to our customers, maintaining our high financial performance and improving o (MORE)

What is Bruegger's Mission Statement?

Bruegger's bakes authentic New York-style bagels fresh from the  oven all day. With the coffee freshly brewing and a full selection  of breakfast and lunch sandwiches, wraps (MORE)

What is mission statement of pensonic?

Our mission is to deliver quality products and services in meeting customer satisfaction, and to always consolidate our position as the leader in quality and reliability. (MORE)

Vision and mission statement of videocon?

To delight and deliver beyond expectation through ingenious strategy, intrepid entrepreneurship, improved technology, innovative products, insightful marketing and inspired th (MORE)

What is mission statement?

 The aim and values of a company, organization or  individual.  
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What is GM's mission statement?

General Motors Mission Statement:  "G.M. is a multinational corporation engaged in socially responsible operations, worldwide. It is dedicated to provide products and service (MORE)

What is Liz Claiborne's Mission Statement?

To design and manufacture the best apparel and accessories for the fashionable person from a diverse portfolio of brands with the convenience of the latest in design and fashi (MORE)

What is redbull's mission statement?

" Our mission is to be the premier marketer and supplier of Redbull in Asia, Europe, and other parts of the globe. We will achieve this mission by building long-term relations (MORE)