What is moderately retarded?

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Who were the moderates?

The moderates were the congress leaders during the first phage of the National movement.

What are Moderators for?

to make people be nice to each other and to follow da rules DarkLightning on Chestnut Sever

What is moderate for?

A moderator eg, on club penguin is a special penguin (person) who watches over the penguins to see if they are been bad behaviour, These moderators work for club penguin a

What is a moderator?

A moderator is someone who keeps an internet chat or forum safe.The official definition is arbitrator or mediator.

What is the moderator?

A moderator in games, is a person who tells not be bad and blocks you or ends your game.

What is retardation?

\n \n\n \n\n \n\n. physically retardation means negative acceleration \n. \n.

How can I be an moderator?

You want to become a moderator in club penguin? Better hope your over 18 because to become a moderator you need to do a training test and work for club penguin

What is moderated?

, A moderator is a sub form of leader Eg. On a chat room there is Owner, Moderator, Member and guest. A moderator Moderates the chat room for any bad behaviour, But thi

What is a retardent?

Something that slows the progress of something else. An impediment would be a better word to use.