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Is SbF3 polar or non polar?

It is polar because it has a lone pair and it cannot be divided on a line of symmetry
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Is XeF2 polar or non-polar?

Xe has a single bond with each F and also has three lone pairs (extended shell). The electron geometry is trigonal bipyramidal, where the lone pairs of electrons form a trigon (MORE)

Is detergent polar or non polar?

Detergent is both polar and non polar, it is able to collect the grease because of it having a non polar head. It also has a polar 'tail' which is why the globules of grease f (MORE)

Are triglycerides polar or non-polar?

Triglycerides are just fats, which have both nonpolar and polar parts. The areas with carbon-oxygen bonds are fairly polar, while the carbon-hydrogen bonded areas are nonpolar (MORE)
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What is the force exerted on the -4 C by the plus 5C charge?

-4c charge can make the exerted force go on another object such as the 5c positive charge. because wen u multiply em' they make a similarity between them such as -4c+5c which (MORE)

Is NI3 polar or non polar?

NI3 is a polar molecule, one must remember that the lone pairs will skew the electron geometry.
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Are acids polar or non-polar?

Acids can either polar or nonpolar depending on the type. Many  amino acids and nucleic acids are polar, while some amino acids  like tryptophan are nonpolar.
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