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Is tetrahydrocannabinol non-polar or polar and why?

Tetrahydrocannabinol is non-polar. It has a saturated fatty acid chain meaning that it is hydrophobic and therefore non-polar, since it won't bond with H2O
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Clo- polar or non polar?

Polar. Oxygen's electronegativity is 3.44 while Chlorine's is 3.16. Since the valance electrons are not shared equally, we look at electronegativity. It is polar, and oxygen i (MORE)
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Is CH2Cl2 polar or non polar and why?

CH2Cl2, or dichloromethane, is a polar molecule, because the difference in electronegativity between C and Cl is sufficient to form a slightly negative charge in the chlorine (MORE)

Is rubber polar or non-polar?

Rubber is considered nonpolar. Dipole moments are not possible in  rubber due to its molecules' similar charges, and it is not soluble  in water.
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Is Turpentine polar or non polar?

The most common solvent is water. Other common solvents which dissolve substances that are insoluble (or nearly insoluble) in water are acetone, alcohol, formic acid, acetic a (MORE)
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A bond polar or non polar?

A polar bond is a type of bond in which the electrons of two atoms  are unequally shared and has a difference in electronegativity  between 0.4 and 2.0. The difference in el (MORE)

Is kerosine polar or non -polar and why?

Kerosene is a non-polar molecule. This is because it has an evenly  distributed electric charge, whereas the electric charge of polar  molecules are not evenly distributed t (MORE)

Is BICL3 polar or non polar?

Do you mean BiCl3? Boron/iodine (BI) and bismuth (Bi) can make a big difference. Because boron has 3 valence electrons, it can only bond directly with three other elements. Io (MORE)