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What are your rights in dealing with collection agencies for a defaulted student loan?

Answer . Your rights are extremely limited. If you have a specific question, please repost. . The previous person who said that cannot collect after 3 years was completely incorrect; federal student loans have no statute of limitations whatsoever, and ED is still collecting on loans from the 19 (MORE)

Can a collection agency go after a student when the original 1998 unsecured non-governmental student loan was discharged through a parent's Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nYes, if the student signed the loan papers too.\nJust because the parents took the loan down thru the Bankruptcy doesn't mean the student loan doesn't have to be paid if there were other signers responsible. \nEveryone signed on the papers would have had to gone Bankruptc (MORE)

What kind of real estate lenders will do non recourse loans?

If you find one, let me know . Non-recourse lending is usually done by commercial banks. The types of lenders that do the type of mortgage everyone is familiar with don't like to limit their options on how they can come after you to get their money back if you default. Non-recourse means that t (MORE)

How do you know if your mortgage loan is a non recourse loan or recourse loan?

Good question, I have been looking for an exact answer my self. I have learned from my searches: Generally a note is an obligation to pay and must be paid in full. So, unless a note is explicitly non-recourse, the creditor can seek any of debtor's property for payment (subject to bankruptcy limit (MORE)

Can the loan company issue a criminal warrant for arrest for non-payment on a auto loan?

Warrants are issued by a judge, and not a loan company. The loan company can repossess an automobile or can sue in court to recover the vehicle or what is owed on it (plus costs). The police do not come and arrest people for not paying off a loan. Lastly, disagreements over payment issues regarding (MORE)

In California how can you determine whether your mortgage loan is a non recourse loan or a recourse loan?

http://www.sandiegopredatorylending.com/ "The big mistake homeowners make is turning a "non-recourse" second loan into a "recourse" loan by refinancing it. A non-recourse loan is a loan that the bank can only look to their secured interest. So how is a second mortgage a non-recourse loan? Simp (MORE)

Non performance loan?

Non-performing loan . From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . A non-performing loan is a loan that is in default or close to being in default. Many loans become non-performing after being in default for 3 months, but this can depend on the contract terms.. "A loan is nonperforming whe (MORE)

What is a non purchase money loan?

A purchase money loan is a loan usually used to buy a home. A nonpurchase money loan is a loan for other reasons where the lenderdoes not know what is being bought.

In Arizona how can you determine whether your mortgage loan is a non recourse loan or a recourse loan?

Arizona has anti-deficiency laws - specifically, A.R.S. §§ 33-729(A) and 33-814(G) - that prohibit purchase-money lenders from collecting on a deficiency. However, the bad news is that the anti-deficiency protection often does not apply to second mortgages, equity lines of credit, some refinan (MORE)

Can a collection agency garnish your wages if you cosigned on a student loan?

Yes they can. I have good news for you though. If you can get the borrower to consolidate the loans without your name as a cosigner, then you will be off the hook. I only know of one company that specializes in consolidating loans for borrowers that are in default, they are Default Management Ser (MORE)

Difference between a secured loan and non secured loan?

A secured loan is a loan which has been secured against an asset, in most cases a property. This reduces the risk to the lender as if the borrower defaults on paying the loan back, the asset can be sold by the lender to reclaim some if not all of the monies. An unsecured loan poses a much greater r (MORE)

How do you find your default student loan collection agency?

Call 1-800-4FedAid You can consolidate your defaulted student loans and receive an income sensitive repayment. This low monthly payment will fit your budget. You also will be eligible for deferment and forbearance if you can't afford to pay anything. This company can help you consolidate: www.def (MORE)

What is a non secured loan?

An unsecured loan is a loan that is not backed by collateral. Also known as a signature loan or personal loan .. Unsecured loans are based solely upon the borrower's credit rating.

How do to report someone to the credit reporting agencies for non payment?

This is a serious endeavor that require you to engage in a business relationship with one or all of the 3 credit agencies. It is not designed for an individual to report a single account. The laws surrounding credit reporting are far to vast for the average person to process. If you own a company (MORE)

Are student loans priority or non-priority?

I believe the answer would be only if you need it. If you have enough money to get you through school then non-priority, if you do not have money for schooling then I would say priority.

Can a collection agency for a student loan take your tax return?

In the USA, if your Federal Student Loans are in default, then your original lender was paid 97% of your loan value by a Federal Guarantee Agency. Guarantee Agencies are basically insurance companies. When your lender was paid off, the Guarantee Agency took ownership of your loans. Guarantee Agencie (MORE)

What type of loans provided by non banking institutions?

Any loan provided by a "non banking institution" would most likely be a personal loan. Any sort of mortgage, line of credit or other such loan would have to come from a "financial institution" of some sort whether that's a bank or credit union.

Is non-loan education debt dischargable in bankruptcy?

Loans that are not from or guaranteed by a federally guaranteed program, or involve a college or university that participates in such programs, can be discharged. Room and board, fees and other non-education and non-loan debts are dischargeable.

In California how can you determine whether or not your mortgage is a non-recourse loan?

California is known as a one-action rule state, meaning that the lender must choose one action (and one action only) in order to recoup any losses from non-payment of funds. The lender may choose to foreclose, then that lender may not bring a lawsuit against the borrower for any deficiency between (MORE)

Can you be arrested for non payment of payday loan?

No. It is a common tactic amongst unscrupulous payday lenders to make threats that they cannot enforce, and in fact, it is illegal for them to make such threats. They are well known for threatening arrest and impersonating law enforcement during collections. Often, these payday lenders are not even (MORE)

Can payday loan take you to court for non payment in Texas?

Yes they can and will. They are a classic predatory loan company that will do everything in their power to get the money that you rightfully owe them. The cost of taking you to courit will most likely be paid by you also. The interest rates these companies charge is wildly high, but it is the dut (MORE)

How do you reduce non performing loan?

The ways to reduce non-performing loans sometimes change dependingon the state of the economy. As of mid-2014, it is suggested thatyou should restructure your credit to reduce them.

Who is a non department of defense agency of the us government?

Besides the Department of Defense, there are 14 other Departments that work for the Executive Branch: Department of Agriculture (USDA) Department of Commerce (DOC) Department of Defense (DOD) Department of Education (ED) Department of Energy (DOE) Department of Health and Human Services (MORE)

What agency sets the interest rate on loans?

The agency responsible for setting interest rates on loans is theFederal Reserve Board. The interest rate on loans is tied into therate of inflation and the GNP or Gross National Product.

Can an payday loan collection agency garnish your tax refund?

Depending on the state and the agreement you signed when you took the loan they may have some legal recourse against you. In most cases if you have already paid the interest on the loan more than once, you have probably paid them back their money plus so they may be able to work with you. If you (MORE)

Can a judgment for a non collaterized loan become a lien on your home?

The short, simple answer is yes. The reality is that it isn't so simple. Now, a noncollateralized loan is essentially a signature loan.Securing a loan with nothing but your word is the fast track tothin ice. Here's why: your word as it turns out is worthless--not acriticism, an observation (that w (MORE)

Can a payday loan garnish your social security disability for non payment of the loan?

No, if the lender doesn't receive collateral from you - their only recourse to recover the debt is small claims court. If they do open a claim against you in small claims court and win, the judge could issue a writ of garnishment for a percentage of your social security disability payments - however (MORE)

For whom might non conforming home loans be useful?

Non conforming home loans are for those borrowers whose lending criteria differ from the norm. Usually, they are intended to service borrowers who are self employed or who have previous credit black marks.

What kind of agency is The Student Loan People?

The Student Loan People is an agency that specializes in student loans. They are located in Kentucky. They work with people getting student loans, collections and repayments of student loans.

Which financial institution offers non-secured loan?

Biz2capital offers unsecured loans to small businesses. Some others would be Carscashloans for car loans, and Ondeskcapital for a startup business. Be careful when taking out this type of loan though, because the bank will ask for collateral.