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What is normative ethics?

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How is descriptive business ethics different from normative business ethics?

Descriptive theory explains how things are (e.g., this paper is white; most Americans eat meat; etc.), whereas normative or prescriptive theory tells us how things ought to be

What are ethics?

Ethics is abranch of philosophy which seeks to address questions aboutmorality; that is, about concepts such as good and bad, right andwrong, justice, and virtue. They are

What are the examples of ethical norm?

An ethical norm is something that is considered impolite in a  society. Asking someone about their age or burping in public might  be considered an ethical norm in America.

Why is ethics called a normative science?

As Normative Science is a Enquiry by which people seek to detrmine which goals are good and which means towards those goals are good. Ethics are called Normative Science becau

Are ethical norms enforceable?

unless the ethical norms are written into law, they are not enforceable and, to some extent, remain a matter of personal opinion.

What is ethical?

  ethical: right and wrong; having to do with morals, values, and requiring a prescription for purchase.   sentence: new developments in medicine often lead to discussi

What is a norm?

a norm is a specific guide to behaviour in particular situations; it is the normal way to react/behave

What is norms?

are shared rules of conduct that specify how people ought to think and act.

What is ethical norm and law?

ethical norm is established by society autonomously, but law is established heteronomously (by other force) by state.

What is ethical and what is not ethical?

The difference between right and wrong. Doing what is true, good, and caring is ethical; Doing things that are harmful, or intentionally mean is unethical.
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What is a proscribed norm?

Proscribed norms are the behaviour which are not expected. The opposite is Preffered norms, which are desirable but not essentially required.
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What is Ethicalism?

When the society is based on Ethics its called ethicalism. It has best of Capitalism and Socialism.

How are norms enforced?

Sometimes norms are enforced by punishments and rewards. Formally  enforcing social norms is done by sanctions and informally by  non-verbal communication cues and body lang