What is not a storage pool for phosphorus?

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A swimming pool is not a storage pool for phosphorus. Not a good idea!

How long will pool salt last in storage?

Salt itself is a preservative however a bag of pool salt will last indefinitely as long as it is kept dry. It may become a solid block given time however this will soon melt a

Not a storage pool for water?

Clean drinking water is usually stored in large tanks. Sewagetreatment on the other hand refers to the process of removing thecontaminants from the waste water.

What is a main storage pool for phosphorus?

The question "what is a main storage pool for phosphorous" is a leading and ambiguous question that additionally assumes a container referred to as a (if the 'container' assum

Can pools chemicals be stored in a storage unit?

Generally, no, as the chemicals are considered toxic. You may have luck with a cheaper outdoor facility that doesn't really mind. I would look up the numbers to a few local st