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What is one of earths major land ecosystems with its own plants animal and climate?

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What plants and animals live in ecosystem?

Some of the plants in a stream ecosystem are water lillies, cattails, moss, and hydrillas. And some of animals would be freshwater turtles, frogs, salamanders, and many differ

How do animals depend on plants in the ecosystem?

Animals depend on plants for providing food and releasing oxygen into the air. Certain Plants also can change nitrogen into useful compounds and release that into the air. (pl

What are the major climate zones on Earth?

The major climate zones are the follwing (there are 5): tropical zone, dry zone, temperate zone, polar zone, and the highland climate zone. follow the link to see a map of the

How can people introducing animals and plants into the ecosystem effect the ecosystem?

Answer   It can either help it or completely ruin it, you probably have/going to learn/learned it in seventh grade.     If you introduce some animals, they will c
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Do ecosystems contain both plants and animals?

Answer . The ecosystem is a large community with dynamic interactions between the flora, fauna, and micro organisms within that physical environment (this includes the soi