Sample resume of nicu nurse?

The resume of a NICU nurse will detail experience with working inthe NICU. It may also include other nursing jobs or work withchildren the person has done.
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What is prenatal?

The term prenatal pertains to the period prior to birth. This includes the time from conception until the actual birth takes place.
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How many NICU units in the US?

I would also like to know the answer to this question. unfortunately i have only found numbers from the 90's. In 1994, there were about 500 NICU's in the united states. By 199 (MORE)
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What are NICU nurses?

NICU is Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. NICU nurses are specially trained to deal with premature and critically ill newborns.
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What does nicu nurses do?

NICU nurses do many things. first they help premature babies. they also help babies that are ill or need special help. i hope i helped alot of you people.
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What has made Nicu Alifantis popular?

Nicu Alifantis ( Ashanti in English) was born on May 31, 1954. Nicu has been made popular because he is a folk music singer, actor and poet in Romania.