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What does the camera do?

Cameras record images. Images that we see with our eyes are  fleeting - one moment they are there, the next moment they are  gone. These same images can be recorded and stor (MORE)

If there were no cameras then?

People today rely on cameras as much as they do having the telephone. If there were no cameras, people might: try to learn drawing methodsuse sketches or portraits more as a (MORE)

What is in a camera?

A digital camera works much the same way a film camera does. Both are essentially light-tight boxes with a hole that can be triggered to open (the lens). On film cameras, the (MORE)

What are qual pens?

  I think you mean "quill pens". Quill pens are pens with a certain type of nib, which is kind of pointy and cut vertically. Originally made from feathers and for all kind (MORE)

What does camera?

A doorstop to prevent doors from swinging wildly. A block of something you can use to jam your wheel when you park in an incline. A brick of something you can use to throw (MORE)
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What is qualative data?

it is data that has to do with a qualities of something, i.e color shape feel...(etc) while quantitative has to do with numbers and quantities.

What do cameras have?

Cameras are simply light-tight boxes that have a hole to allow light to enter. A shutter is installed to control the opening and closing of that hole.
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