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Are Lloyd Polite and Ashanti Related?

NOOO,!! I DON'T THINK SO WAT DA WAT DA WAT KIND OF QUESTOIN IS DIS There not related.They were just on the same record label,have made some music together and are good frien

How can you relate art into politics?

Communication plays a key role in the transmission of information and information affects how people make decisions with respect to the world. Since art is a form of communica

Political science in related in sociology?

Sociology is study of origin, development , problems and interest of society hence Political science is related to it but social also means the upper class that includes po

How history related to political science?

because the past events affect our present. and political science deals with politics and people and how to handle them,so this can be learnt from the past only. experience.

How related are economics and political science?

Economics are political are significantly related due to the fundamental relationship of production and power. Because politics represents the organisation and use of coercion

What are relations between government and politics?

Generally speaking governments consist of officials who are politicians. The government is lead by politicians and the government is normally a reflection of the general views