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What is seven eighths minus one quarter?

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What is Seven eighths minus one fourth?

7/8 - 1/4.   First, I reccommend finding a LCD (lowest common denominator) to make subtraction simpler.   What is the lowest multiple of 8 that 4 goes into? 8.   So,

What is seven eighths minus one half?

three-eighths. 7/8 - 1/2 change one of the fractions so they both have a common denominator. 1/2= 4/8 (multiply by 4) now you have 7/8 - 4/8 subtract, 7-4 = 3 and the

What is seven and one half minus four and one eighth?

Three and three eighths... duh! I'm 11 and I know that!!! Now that the 11 year-old is done showing off, let me explain it for you: 7 1/2 = 7 4/8 = 60/8 4 1/8 = 33/8 60

What is seven and one fourth minus five and one eighth?

7 1/4 - 5 1/8 Change to common denominator 7 2/8 - 5 1/8 Subtract the whole numbers, then subtract the numerators of the fractions, don't subtract the denominators, just leave