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What is sieve size in fluid bed dryer trolley?

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What is a sieve?

  A sieve is a kitchen tool. It is for say if i had pasta than i would put the cooked pasta in it and the waterwould drain out because the sieve has little holes in the

What is particle size distribution in sieve analysis?

Distribution of soil particles for identifying the type of soils ie., wherther it is well graded or uniform graded or poorly graded soil.And also fine sand, medium sand coarse

What is sieving?

sieving is in cooking not science and its used to get lumps out of ingredients

What is a sieve for?

A sieve is used when you are cooking something and you need to get rid of the lumps, such as when you are making a cake, you often sieve the flour before adding it to the mixt

Does a dryer kill bed bugs?

Yes any clothing or bedding placed into a dryer that reaches a  temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit for over 10 minutes will kill  the bed bugs and their eggs.    A

How is particle size measurement by sieving carried out?

The material is passed through sieves of progressively finer mesh and each fraction is weighed. (a sieve is a net , grid or parallel arrangement of wires/plates that lets par