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What is spatial division?

Spatial divison of labour is when international companies jobs  are spread around the world to do the work and get the items they  need to make for example an ipod.   So (MORE)
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What is spatial segregation?

Spacial segregation is the segregation of different people in  residential settings. Spacial segregation includes racial,  religious, and economic separation of persons.

What is spatial differentiation?

  Spatial differentiation is an economic term where geographic location is a differentiating factor between competitors. Consumers choose a firm based on transportation co (MORE)

What is spatial isolation?

Spatial isolation is also known by the term geographic isolation.  It occurs when different populations of a particular species become  separated geographically and can no l (MORE)

What are spatial skills?

the ability visualize concepts and things in your mind without having to touch or see them in reality. Einstein used his spatial skills to imagine what it would be like to tra (MORE)
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What is spatial force?

spatial force is taking somebody's spot and forcing them out. It is considered illegal and frowned upon by society.

What is spatial management?

Spatial management refers to the management of the methods used by  the public to influence the distribution of people in spaces of  scales. It includes things like land use (MORE)