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How do you close port a specified port number?

Try This . You have to go through your modem (at your modem's IP address, put into your web browser) and it should be somewhat self-explanatory once your in there. Most mod

What is a port?

" Port " can have many different definitions: . A dock, harbor, or coastal city where ships and boats stop. . A connector on a computer or electronic equipment. . A versi

What are ports?

Ports are devices used to connect a personal computer(PC) to external devices,such as keyboards and mice.They are located at the back of the PC.But today,some ports are found

What is port?

port can have different meanings in different contex. but port can be described as an alcoholic beverage known for its uses as an appetizer before a meal. port can also refer

Can jewelry be specified in a will?

  Most certainly. Individual items, particularly heirlooms, can be left to specific people. In some states it is even a separate listing. Consult a probate or estate plann

Router is a layer 3 or 4 device if your ans is layer 3 then while applying an extended access list on router interface how specifying port no is aloud as it comes under layer 4 protocols?

A router is a layer 3 device.In general, a Layer-3 switch (routing switch) is primarily a switch (a Layer-2 device) that has been enhanced or taught some routing (Layer 3) cap

What does a port do?

A port is a generic term for a way in or out of a computer. A means of tranferring data into and out of the computer. A physical port is a socket on the computer, where yo

What is specify?

  Specify means to name exactly or clearly   An example sentence: Could you please spef   After weeks of studying the scene, investigators could not specify the caus

How do you specify shapes?

You specify shapes by the number of sides (or edges, different name) they have. The suffix -gon at the end of a word show how many sides it has in the words. For example, an o

What is a specifier?

a specifier tells the JVM how to treat a particular class,method and variable while executing the program. For example, final classes cannot be extended and final methods cann