Are skullcandy ear buds bad for your ears?

The ear buds aren't the problem, its the volume. They have the potential to hurt your ears permanently because they don't allow sound waves to escape, but that is also their a (MORE)

What is the microphone in ear buds for?

prior to the just released 4th generation iPod touch, there was no built in mic so anyone wanting to use voip phone apps and audio recording/editing apps were unable. the iPho (MORE)

Why are ear buds helpful?

Ear buds are helpful as they help to block out surrounding noise. They may also prove useful if a computer or other sound producing device is too low volume to hear comfortabl (MORE)

Where can one purchase an ear bud?

Earbuds can be purchased at nearly any electronics or general department store. Best Buy in particular has a wonderful selection of quality earbuds to purchase.
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Are ear buds safe for children?

Ear parts are very delicate and more so in children. Sometime earbuds can puncture the ear drum or damage it mildly while scrapingwax from the canal. This causes severe ear pa (MORE)