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In Grammar

Why is plastic stronger than glass?

glass has a low elactisity (if thats spell right) strength, whcih means when its pushed, like someones thrown a ball at it, it will bend only a little bit, because glass has h (MORE)

Are hurricanes stronger than tsunamis?

No, Hurricanes are not stronger than tsunamis! Tsunamis are water waves than piles up to one giant wave that lasts about eight hours wiping out a whole island. Then they pick (MORE)
In Liger

Are ligers stronger than lions?

Yes. Ligers are even much stronger and bigger than siberian tigers. They have slightly longer teeth than lions and wider jaws than siberian tigers, which can make them produce (MORE)

Is Hades stronger than Zeus?

No, Zeus is the King of the Gods right, he defeted his father, not Hades who was too scared You are SOOOO WRONG, it's rediculous. Look into the actual Mythology. (MORE)

Is bleach stronger than acid?

This is like asking: Are bananas better than bricks. There is no answer. Acids could be defined as substances that donate hydrogen ions but some acids like vinegar, tartaric (MORE)
In Mining

Is granite stronger than diamond?

If the question is whether granite is harder than diamond, the answer is no. The hardness scale for minerals is called the Mohs scale. Granite is a rather general classificati (MORE)

Is polyester stronger than polyamide?

Both polyester and polyamides have similar properties. Neither is  necessarily stronger than the other; however, the polyester does  perform better than the polyamide in cer (MORE)