What is the 1000 peso coin worth?

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How much is a 1988 1000 peso worth?

about 80+ bux This is not correct. The MXN (Mexican pesos) printed after 1993 are currently worth about 8 cents to the American dollar, so a 1000 peso note would be worth

How much is a 1988 1000 peso coin worth?

If it's from Mexico it's not worth much, I'm afraid. Mexico's currency was devalued by high inflation so in 1993 new coins and bills were exchanged for old ones at the ratio o

1000 peso coin to dollar?

There's no such coin in Mexico. Please post a new question with more details as to what you're asking about.

How much is a 1000 mil pesos worth?

About 14 different countries use 'Peso' as their unit of currency and the value would depend on the age and condition, so this question is impossible to answer accurately. The