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What is the Climate of Constantinople?

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How did Constantinople get its name?

Constantinople got is name from the emperor Constantine who built or rebuilt the capitol on the older city of Byzantium.

What are nicknames of Constantinople?

  Constantinople is known today as Istanbul in Turkey. The name Istanbul is said to derive from the Greek phrase (Is-tin-poli) which means "To The City."     During

Where was Constantinople located?

Constantinople is modern day Istanbul, Turkey. Constantinople was located on the Bosporus Strait, the waterway that connects the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. Therefore, i

Where is Constantinople?

Constantinople is the historical name of Istanbul, Turkey.

What is Constantinople?

It is a city in Turkey (now it is called Istanbul).    Constantinople was a city which the Roman Emperor Constantine the  Great designated as his imperial seat and ren

Who renamed Constantinople?

Constantine I renamed it from Byzantium to Constantinople in the year of 327 AD.

What was the importance of Constantinople?

When the Roman Empire was split into two, and the Western Roman  Empire was then taken over by the Germanic invaders, for a thousand  years Constantinople (ex-Byzantium) was

Who was Constantinople?

Answer . \nConstantinople was not a person. It was an Ancient Roman place that the emperor Constantine founded. The former name of the current Istanbul, Constantinople was