What format of high definition is my tv?

Answer . Hi, Most HD TV's are the 1080I format, while some may be 1080P. What this means is that in the case of an "I" formatted set, the video information is interlaced (MORE)

What is the definition of Capital formation?

According to Ragnar Nurkse, "The meaning of 'Capital formation ' is that society does not apply the whole of its current productive activity to the needs and desires of immedi (MORE)

What is the definition of APA formatting?

APA formatting has to with how you cite sources in a research paper. The is an APA manual available to purchase. Most libraries have a copy for non checkout use.

What is the definition for format painter?

a quick way to copy formatting from one item - such as text in Word, a cell in Excel, a control in Access, or a shape in Publisher - to another.

What is the Definition and formation of cations and anions?

An ion is an atom which is not neutral i.e. it has excess of charge on it. There are two types of ions: . Cation :- These have positive charge on them. They are formed whe (MORE)