What is the Difference between prejudice and racism and discrimination?

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In my opinion, prejudice is a preference or a leaning towards/against something based on experience or learning. It may or may not be based on logical thought, and is often influenced by emotion. We all have prejudices...they refer to what we choose to like or dislike, trust or distrust, whatever. We should not be ashamed of them, neither should we be judged for holding them. It is akin to looking down on someone for not liking a hot sardine and cottage cheese sandwich. It IS rather how we manage and tactfully, gracefully and thoughtfully handle our prejudices that is a more accurate gauge of character. One who sits at the table and contributes to the enjoyment of the dinner despite their dislike for the plate before them is sure to gain more from the experience and be able to allow others to have or grow a concern for their discomfort, rather than just throwing the plate across the room and making demands. Having a prejudice is your right...forcing others to share yours is NOT. Rascism is a belief. It is often, but not necessarily, acted on. The belief maintains that one race carries certain or better characteristics over another. It may or may not be supported by fact. Therefore, racism would be a belief that "black people can't swim", or "white men can't jump". The observation that a caucasan man is more susceptible to a sunburn or that a Kenyan man would likely, but not always, be a black man, is not. It has nothing to do whatsoever with humor, the factual account of history, or a scientific or analytical discussion of the physical/social characteristics of one race or the other. The deployment of those beliefs, however, to influence a logical discussion or to deter, harm or deny rights of one race for the benefit of another is the worst form of observable racism. Discrimination is simply choosing one thing over the other for any reason. You discriminate when picking out a tomato in the grocery market. In the context of the other terms discussed here, discrimination as a negative thing implies the choosing between two nearly similar things or persons and selecting one for reasons that are neither fair nor logical. Unfair discrimination as it applies to the modern day complaint may deny one an opportunity they have rightfully deserved simply at the whim of the Discriminator, who may be rascist (or any other "ist") or may be unable to keep their prejudices (ie: personal likes/dislikes) in check. In other words, in the context of racial discrimination, they are choosing, chosen or NOT chosen because of some perceived racist belief, not merit or otherwise equal traits. I hope this is read and taken in the manner I have meant. This is a topic that is fraught with danger in some circles, and it is a pet peeve of mine that some will throw these terms around to scare or silence people. If these terms are involved in a conversation, it obviously is even more important that they are understood. We owe each other that courtesy.
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