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How did the expression 'In like Flynn' come about?

In like Flynn . Dates back to 1945, refering to how easily movie star Errol Flynn could get women into bed with him.. See related Links for the real answer Hint: Its a combination of the answers listed here.. "In Like Flint" was a pun, referring to the real expression "In like Flynn" (which has (MORE)

What is classification?

Classification means to put things into groups according to theircharacteristics. Living organisms are arranged in different groups due to theirsimilarities and differences. This grouping is called CLASSIFICATION .

Who is Matt Flynn?

HE'S AWESOME!!! He's is the back up QB for the Green Bay Packers. He is learning and waiting to be the next greatest QB, After Aaron Rogers retires with grace.

What is a classification?

classification refers to identifying, naming and grouping of organisms into formal system based on similarities of their internal and external structure or evalutionary history RIGHT OUT OF THE BIOLOGY BOOK :D

Was Errol Flynn gay?

that s absurd, one of his close friend David Niven told a journalist that was he was too busy looking for women about Flynn being Nazy and Gay Last edit by http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Special:Contributions&target=ip:ID0416500507 . Response/correction: Actually, if you look at all the available evide (MORE)

What was John Flynns claim to fame?

John Flynn's claim to fame was when he started the Royal FlyingDoctor Service. It provides emergency and routine medical care topeople in rural and inland areas.

Who was John Flynn?

John Flynn is the person who started the Royal Flying Doctor Service which provides emergency and routine medical care to the people of rural and inland Australia. He was also a Presbyterian minister, and was known as 'Flynn of the Inland.'. Flynn was first posted as a Presbyterian minister at Belt (MORE)

How old is Candace Flynn?

In Comet Kermillian candace says "When I'm 88 you'll be so busted" Ferb says "you'll be 88 and ½." The comet kermillian comes every 73 ½ years. 88 ½ - 73 ½ 15

How old is Phineas flynn?

According to the non-canon pilot episode, Phineas is nine. However, creators Dan Povenmire and Jeff Marsh were surprised how test audiences of all ages related to the characters, and decided not to give him an exact age in the official series. All that is known is that he and Ferb are the same age, (MORE)

Was John Flynn an Australian?

John Flynn was indeed an Australian. He was born on 25 November 1880, in the gold rush town of Moliagul, about 202 kilometres north-west of Melbourne, Victoria.

Why was john flynn famous?

John Flynn (1880-1951) Reverend John Flynn was a minister of the church who worked as a missionary in outback South Australia and was in charge of the Australian Inland Mission. The Mission's aim was to bring church services and medical care to the people of outback Australia, many of whom lived (MORE)

What was errol flynns first movie?

If you don't include New Guinea documentary footage, Flynn's first film was the Australian film 'In the Wake of the Bounty', about the mutiny on the Bounty. He played the lead, Fletcher Christian.

What did John Flynn do?

John Flynn is credited with being the one who brought medical facilities and hospitals to the outback, and started the Flying Doctor Service. John Flynn was first posted as a Presbyterian minister at Beltana, a remote settlement hundreds of kilometres north of Adelaide, South Australia. He experi (MORE)

Who portrayed Errol Flynn in the aviator?

Flynn was not an aviator. he did resemble the lead character Howard Hughes as far as being slender and with a mustache. I don"t recall Flynn being one of the Hughes stable of film hands. The old Geezer preferred, all time: Blonde- Jean Harlow ( died l937) Brunette: Gina Lollobrigida. Oddly Miss Harl (MORE)

What was John flynn famous for?

John Flynn was famous for being the person who started the Royal Flying Doctor Service, which provides emergency and routine medical care to the people in remote parts of Australia. He was also a Presbyterian minister, and was known as 'Flynn of the Inland.' Flynn was first posted as a Presbyteri (MORE)

Was errol flynn a spy for Hitler?

Unconfirmed. I doubt he could meet the requirements of the SS intelligence service. it would be counter-productive to use a celebrity as a spy. what is he(or she) got caught and was embroiled in a court-martial ( Hollywood star on trial for espionage!) not amusing in real life/ It is unconfirmed tha (MORE)

Who is shaun flynn?

Shaun Flynn was born in 1989. He's an American actor and singer. He's very talented and well-liked by many. The movies that he made was amazinly loved by many.

Were Joe Flynn and Errol Flynn related?

No. Joe Flynn (1924-1974) played the desk-bound bespectacled CaptainBinghamton in Mchale's Navy . Errol Flynn (1909-1959) essayedfar more mobile and active action roles- such as Captain Blood (piracy), numerous war films, and Crossed Swords (1954)- with GinaLollobrigida- this was his last film.

Was errol flynn born in Australia?

Close. the actor hailed from Tasmania. first production film was Wake of the Bounty! arguably the first movie dealing with the mutinous Bounty saga. I do not know what role Mr. Flynn played. he was also in piratical film Captain Blood- it was said he was sneaking screwdrivers ( neither Philipps nor (MORE)

Who is ferb flynn?

He is one of the title characters in the cartoon Phineas and Ferb. . Also, It's Ferb Fletcher

How many children did John Flynn has?

I dont think that John Flynn ever reproduced because i am doing a big research project on him and i havent seen anything that has stated he has children.... i hope this helped :)

Is Errol Flynn alive?

No, he died in l959. Last film was crossed swords. one wonders if his fade-out was (Once a Knight is enough!) dunno.

Was errol flynn an alcoholic?

YEAH, HE HAD nickname of Captain Vodka- he snuck screwdrivers ( not the Hughes or Philipps variety) on the set of Captain Blood- in his canteen or thermos bottle- wow! Flynn was known to have a drinking problem, like Martin.

When did John Flynn establish the RFDS?

Establishment of the RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) was a process that continued over many years. However, for the purposes of this question, the Aerial Medical Service was established at Cloncurry, in western Queensland on 15 May 1928 . For more details, see the related question.

How long did John Flynn live?

The founder of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, John Flynn, lived for almost 71 years. He was born on 25 November 1880 and he died on 5 May 1951.

Did Errol Flynn have any children?

Here's the list: Sean Flynn by Lili Damita Flynn Deirdre and Rory Flynn (girls) by Nora Eddington Flynn Arnella Flynn by Patrice Wymore Flynn and according to one author, James Flynn, by a Warner Brothers secretary.

Who is neil flynn dating?

In the show Scrubs, Neil Flynn, who portrays The Janitor, dates a girl named Lady. In fact, they are married.

Who played Flynn in Shake it Up?

Davis Cleveland born February 5, 2002 Houston, Texas U.S. Occupation Actor Years Active 2008-present Davis Cleveland (born February 5, 2002) is an American actor. Hestars as the mischievous little brother Flynn Jones on the DisneyChannel original series Shake It Up! Davis Cleveland discoveredthat he (MORE)

Who is flynn rider in tangled?

He's the 2nd main character, who rescues Repunzle from the tower. I'm not sure who does the voice of him., I'd suggest looking up 'Tangled' on Wikipedia.

What is candace flynn full name?

In the Fireside Girls Jamboree episode Phineas asks "Is Candace Gertrude Flynn your full name?" When she answers "Yes!" Candace earns an honesty patch.

How old is Edmund James Flynn?

Edmund James Flynn was born on November 16, 1847 and died on June 7, 1927. Edmund James Flynn would have been 79 years old at the time of death or 167 years old today.

How did John Flynn contribute?

John Flynn is the person who started the Royal Flying Doctor Service which provides emergency and routine medical care to the people of rural and inland Australia. He was also a Presbyterian minister, and was known as 'Flynn of the Inland.' Flynn was first posted as a Presbyterian minister at Bel (MORE)

Who is Zoe Flynn?

Zoe Flynn is a godd friend of Jadzia and she is awesome, she also has some other friends.

What movies did Errol Flynn star in?

Errol Flynn was an Australian actor who starred in Captain Blood, The Adventures of Don Juan, The Adventures of Robin Hood and The Prince and the Pauper.

When did Fahey Flynn die?

Fahey Flynn died on August 8, 1983, in Chicago, Illinois, USA of internal bleeding as a result of an ulcer.

What has the author George Flynn written?

George Flynn has written: 'MOS digital ICs' -- subject(s): Digital integrated circuits, Metal oxide semiconductors 'Medicine in the age of the computer' -- subject(s): Artificial intelligence, Computers, Data processing, Medical applications, Medicine

What has the author John Flynn written?

John Flynn has written: 'Cork' -- subject(s): Biography, Relations, Irish Americans, Irish 'Notes on the cost of capital in Ireland' -- subject(s): Capital