What is the Minimum budget required for Facebook ads?

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What is required to rent a car at Budget?

typically 25 years of age and a major credit card (not a debit) -. but they do rent to 21-24 with extra fees.. take a look at www.budget.com and under the tab 'customer care

What is the minimum daily carbohydrate requirement?

The minimum daily carbohydrate requirement is zero because carbohydrate (unlike protein and fat) is not an essential nutrient. The body can make glucose in sufficient quantiti

Is there a minimum age limit for Facebook?

I believe that 13 is the minimum age required to join Facebook. You must be at least 13 years old to register for an account on Facebook. According to the Facebook Priva

Is the President required to submit a budget?

In the US, the budget is produced by the House of Representatives, and must also be passed by the Senate. It is not submitted by the President, although the President does hav