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What is the O I and choke and half choke on a saw What does it mean to burp it I am trying to learn so that I can get an extension in a program I am in. When my supervisors explain it they do it reall?

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What does a choke do?

The choke increases the fuel to air ratio in a cold start situation by restricting air flow a cold engine requires more fuel to air ratio to run than a warm or at operaring te

How do you choke?

  Answer   You choke due to the blockage of your upper airways with foreign matter or an object, so your body acts to try and cough out that material, while at the sa

Were is the choke?

  On the intake of the carburettor where the air ram pipe / air filter fits.

What is choke?

  Choke, in car terms, is adjusting how much air flows into the engine.

Can you choke?

Yes, because you have two pipes going down you throat, one is called an air pipe and the second a food and liquid pipe. Sometimes the food or liquid you chew or drink can go d

When trying to start mower it chokes out?

  Possible reasons: (1) the spark plug is faulty, or is not gapped properly (2) the air filter is clogged, (3) the needle valve is open too wide, (4) the fuel float is stu

What does it mean if you dream that someone is choking?

Choking in your dreams is not an uncommon thing to wake up to. It means that you are having a hard time accepting something. Further information: Generally speaking, a dream

What does it mean if you dream of choking?

Dreams come from the thoughts in your mind you can't quite reach awake. Usually because your thinking of something else going on, like your surroundings or what your plans are

How can a snake choke you so tight?

The snakes that are big enough to squeeze you or animal is called a constrictor. The main example are boa constrictors and anacondas. Their bodies can grow to the size of a