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What is a brief summary of Plessy v Ferguson?

Plessy v. Ferguson was an 1896 decision by the US Supreme Court that confirmed the principle of "Separate but Equal" and minority segregation. The case began in Louisiana in 1892. Homer Plessy agreed to be arrested to test the 1890 law establishing "whites only" train cars. Although he himself w ( Full Answer )

What does v stand for in court cases?

Answer . The 'v' in the name of a court case does not stand for 'versus', but for 'and' (in civil proceedings) or 'against' (in criminal proceedings).

When was the Gibbons v. Ogden case?

Gibbons v. Ogden was argued before the US Supreme Court on February 5, 1924, and the Court released its decision on March 2, 1824. Gibbons established Congress had sole constitutional authority to regulate interstate commerce. Case Citation: Gibbons v. Ogden, 22 US 1 (1824)

What is a summary of events leading to the US Supreme Court case Terry v. Ohio?

Terry v. Ohio, 392 US 1 (1968) Here is the summary of that case. This case was decided on June 10, 1968: A Cleveland detective (McFadden), on a downtown beat which he had been patrolling for many years, observed two strangers (Terry and another man, Chilton) on a street corner. He saw them ( Full Answer )

What is a commissioner?

A commisioner is basically a Lawyer with no Judge degree but has power to enforce Judgements just like a regular Judge would in the event that the judge is out on vacation or leave, or If the seat is vacant or if he or she is finishing requirements to become a judge (this would take years) but He or ( Full Answer )

How can you determine if the values of the summary statistics for a valiable differ for subgroups of cases?

hi members, i have been faced with the same question. but this was my idea.. to answer this question, we should ask ourselves the following quetions.. what are the subgroups of cases? . what can you learn from calculating summary statistics seperately for subgroups of cases? . how can you graph ( Full Answer )

What was the Commonwealth v Hunt case about?

The Massachusetts Supreme Court case Commonwealth v. Hunt, 45 Mass. 111, 4 Met. (1842) was an early departure from typical court decisions involving union organization practices during the mid-19th-century industrial era. Hunt and six representatives of the Boston Bootmaker's Union called a str ( Full Answer )

What is a summary of Mapp v Ohio?

In Mapp v. Ohio, police arrived at a home seeking a bombingsuspect. After failing to gain entry the first time, they returnedwith what was allegedly a search warrant and forcibly entered thepremises. While conducting their search, obscene materials werefound. The owner was tried and convicted for po ( Full Answer )

Summary of Solomon vs Solomon case study?

case study`s are basically stupid real life stories relating to companies ,people , government & courts mostly.. in this case SOLOMAN vs SOLOMAN..... SOLOMAN WAS A MAN WHO HAD A `SHOE` BUSINESS . he saw the rising profits of his business...and ..desided to start a company.. he had 30000pounds wit ( Full Answer )

In searching public court records online you came across a case summary you had been looking for you are trying to determine if this case has been settled The last entries of this summary indicate the?

What state are you referring to? Every court system has its own system of tracking cases, and what method one state uses another state most probably will not. You'll need to be more specific. [As an 'aside;' the very fact that the case you are looking at is on-line and available, would tend to indic ( Full Answer )

What is Plantiff's motion for summary judgment in a foreclosure case?

The Plaintiff's motion for summary judgment is asking the court to rule on all pleadings that have been filed in the case. This happens if one of the defendants has filed an response or answer. The Plaintiff will usually ask for judgment when filing a motion for summary judgment.

What is the Summary of the Breed v Jones 1975 court case?

A 17 year old kid robbed a store with a deadly weapon he was adjudicated (charged) as a delinquent in juvenile court and then transferred to adult court was also charged and convicted which they argued that was double jeopardy and they won that case set the precedent

Can someone show an example of a case where a motion for a summary judgment will be granted?

Summary judgment is granted when there is no dispute as to any of the material facts in the incident that caused the lawsuit so that, as a matter of law, one party or the other is entitled to judgment as a matter of law. In a suit on a credit card bill, if the defendant does not dispute that he is r ( Full Answer )

Who won case of Vuylsteke v Broan case?

Vuylsteke The court awarded Vuylsteke $74,012 ($72,000 for the annual salary and $2,012 for shipping costs to move to London). Broan appealed to a state intermediate appellate court, which affirmed the award. As to Broan's argument that Vuylsteke had not taken reasonable measures to mitigate her dam ( Full Answer )

What is a summary of The Devil and Tom Walker?

In "The Devil and Tom Walker," set in New England in the early1700s, a narrator relates a story he has heard about a local man'sdealings with the devil. The narrator never claims that the storiesare true, only that they are widely believed. According to local legend, a treasure is buried in a dark ( Full Answer )

What was salomon v saloman case?

Salomon conducted his business as a sole trader. He sold it to a company incorporated for the purpose called A Salomon and Co Ltd. The only members were Mr Salomon, his wife, and their five children. Each member took one £1 share each. The company bought the business for £39,000. Mr Salomon su ( Full Answer )

What is a summary of The Centipede by Rony V. Diaz?

Here is a summary of The Centipede by Rony V. Diaz: Eddie is a little kid who often gets picked on by his sister. Hedescribes a time when he went into her dollhouse and broke one ofher dolls and she got so angry that she fell down, foaming at themouth, and had to go to the hospital. Ever since then ( Full Answer )

What is case of Gibbons v. Proctor?

In Gibbons and Proctor (1918) a child's father and his mistress failed to feed the child, so that in the end it died of starvation: they were guilty of murder.

What is a summary case?

If you mean a summary cause (respectively a summary cause case)then in Scotland it is this: "Summary cause procedure deals with claims over £3,000 and up to£5,000. It can also be used for cases that are too complicated forsmall claims but not complicated enough for ordinary causeprocedure."

Summary of carlill v carbolic case study?

Facts: . D sold smoke balls. They made an advertisement that said that they would pay a reward to anyone who got the flu after using the ball as directed 3 times a day for 2 weeks. They showed their sincerity by depositing money is a specific bank. . P used the D's product as advertised. P then ( Full Answer )

What is a quick summary of the Dred Scott case?

Dred Scott was a slave. His owner took him outside the south andthrough states that did not allow slavery. These states had rulesthat any enslaved person brought into the state became free. DredScott sued to try to win his freedom. The Dred Scott case had a very broad and damaging outcome. TheSupre ( Full Answer )

What was the case Nixon v. US about?

Nixon v. United States is not related to the case involving former President Richard Nixon. Two different cases have been filed with the US Supreme Court titled Nixon v. United States. The first was former President Richard Nixon's appeal of a US District Court ruling ordering him to turn ov ( Full Answer )

What was the Mann v. State case about?

Mann v. State, Case No. 2D09-127 (2009) Mann v. State was a recent case heard in the District Court of Appeals of Florida, Second District, in which David Mann appealed the trial court's denial of post-conviction relief. Mann had been charged with possession and sale of cocaine within 1,000 fe ( Full Answer )

What is a summary of the Regents of the University of California v Bakke case?

Summary Regents of the University of California v. Bakke is a 1978 United States Supreme Court case, which challenged affirmative action quotas. The Supreme Court decided that racial quotas were not acceptable, but race could be a factor in determining admission to college. Detail Rege ( Full Answer )

Who was Madison in the case Marbury v. Madison?

"Madison" was James Madison, Secretary of State under President Thomas Jefferson, who was named as the respondent in the case because his office (really Jefferson) refused to deliver some justice of the peace commissions to people John Adams appointed before leaving office. The official citation ( Full Answer )

Where can a get a poke walker case?

on ebay there are sellers selling it! i will buy mine ebay too. its about 6 usd and you can find both editions of this case. I dont know if they are authentic but who cares... they look like authentic ones :)

What is case Johnson v Avery?

this case is about whether or not a prisoner who is literate is allowed to help another prisoner in writing a writ of Habeas Corpus

Summary of the case of the observant jeweller by nicholas bentley?

A prospective customer is suspected of robbery when jewels shown tohim by a clerk to go missing. Nothing is found. A short time latera lady customer shows up and talks with the clerk awhile, when sheturns to leave, she is searched and the missing jewelry is found onher person. Clues laid out through ( Full Answer )

A summary of the story young warriors by v s reid?

It is about 5 maroon boys who become young warriors at age 14 which in the most important contest one of them cheats namely charlie. Tommy and Johnny found out and then on an important mission to stop the redcoat soldiers they tell him. He when makes it up by saving Tommy and Johnny and the young wa ( Full Answer )

What is a the case summary of midland bank v green?

An estate contract which had not been registered as a class (iv) land charge was not binding upon a purchaser who knew about it and who provided consideration that appeared to be undervalue.

What is the case for the defense summary?

The Case for the Defense is a short story penned down by Graham Greene. In this story, a man named Adams murders an old lady; the murder case is named as the 'Peckham Murder Case'; there are five witnesses to that brutal murder. Gradually, the murder case is introduced in the court where one Adams b ( Full Answer )

What is the case of Walker v Crystal Palace FC?

This was a case to determine if Walker was an employee of CrystalPalace Football Club or if he was considered as an IndependentContractor. The court determined that he was an employee.

What is the case of Michigan v Long about?

Michigan v. Long , 463 U.S. 1032 (1983), was a decision by the United States Supreme Court that extended Terry v. Ohio , 392 U.S. 1 (1968) to allow searches of car compartments during a stop with reasonable suspicion.

A summary of at wars end by rony v diaz?

At Wars End is a short story written by Filipino writer Rony V.Diaz. The story is about a college student in Manila after the endof WWII.

What is a one-sentence summary of the central dispute in the case of McCulloch v Maryland?

McCulloch v. Maryland represented a power struggle between the State and Federal government over whose laws should prevail in the event of a conflict. Optionally: The issues involved whether the federal government could charter a bank, and whether a state government could legally tax it. M ( Full Answer )

What is the summary of the young warriors by v s reid?

five maroon boys pass tests of skill and endurance to become warriors in their village. when they go out hunting to celebrate, they suddenly discover that the forest is full of their enemies, the English redcoat. in the campaign that follows, the defeat of the maroons seems certain, but the young wa ( Full Answer )

What is the Marbury v McCulloch case?

Marbury v. McCulloch is a confused mixture of two different cases heard by the US Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Marshall. One case is Marbury v. Madison, (1803), and the other is McCulloch v. Maryland, (1819).

What was the case Worcester v Georgia about?

The background of Worcester v. Georgia, (1832) involved a Georgia law requiring whites living on Cherokee Indian territory to obtain a state permit. Seven missionaries were arrested and sentenced to four years hard labor, followed by exile from Georgia for failing to comply. The missionaries state ( Full Answer )

When was the lemon v. kurtzman case?

The lemon v. Kurtzman case was a very high profile case that happened back in 1971. It pertained to Pennsylvania's 1968 nonpublic Elementary and secondary education act. The case was argued on 3-3-71 and decided on 6-28-71.

What is the hazelwood v Kuhlmeler case?

Petitioners are the Hazelwood School District in St. Louis County, Missouri; various school officials; Robert Eugene Reynolds, the principal of Hazelwood East High School; and Howard Emerson, a teacher in the school district. Respondents are three former Hazelwood East students who were staff ( Full Answer )

What are facts about the case on the Liles v Damon corporation case?

The facts are straightforward and undisputed. On December 30, 2002, plaintiffs purchased a new motor home manufactured by defendant, which is located in Indiana. From the time that plaintiffs took possession of the motor home, water continuously leaked into it. Plaintiffs took the motor home to t ( Full Answer )

What is the plot summary of A Case of Identity?

A scoundrel faces the loss of his step-daughter's income, so hedevises a plan to make her fall in love with a man who will foreveronly be for her a fond memory.

What was the Horton v California case?

Supreme Court case that dictated evidence be in plain veiw of an officer to be admisable unless probable cause to explore

What was the outcome of brown v. walker 1896?

In 1896, the ruling was that a person could testify in a casewithout incriminating himself by giving requested information. Thiswas regarding a case where Brown was testifying in a case againstAlleghany Valley Railway Company, which he worked for.