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What is a digital camera?

A digital camera will save the picture onto a flash memory card instead of on a photosensitive paper (film) that would need to be developed (which is how a regular camera work (MORE)

What does a digital camera do?

Digital Cameras mainly take photos, but they can have extra features that enable it to do more, like record Video, take photos when a certain amount of movement is detected. M (MORE)

Working principle of digital camera?

Working principle of a digital camera:    · Capturing image: lenses focused the light rays come from the  object made into a coherent image. Diaphragm determines amou (MORE)

How does a digital camera work?

A digital camera takes the light emitted from the photo subject, and focuses it into the image sensor within the camera. Instead of photographic film, a digital camera has a l (MORE)
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Will canon 480 eg flash for a 35mm camera work on the digital rebel xti?

Yes, but with some limitations. The Canon 480EG was designed as a TTL flash (through the lens metering) but also has an External Auto metering Mode. It can be used with any c (MORE)

What do digital cameras do?

A digital camera is a camera that stores the pictures and video it  takes in electronic format instead of to film.   Digital camera advantages     LCD screen  (MORE)

Which is better a film camera or a digital camera?

Film and Digital Cameras are very different but share the same  basics, the difference between Digital and Film is that with Film  you can expect better quality photos then (MORE)

Can a film camera can convert to digital camera?

No. You cannot economically convert a film camera to a digital  camera.   The digital system is very different and fitting it to an existing  film camera is more expensi (MORE)