What is the advantage of enlisting in the military rather than going to college on a ROTC scholarship?

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Is there any advantage of attending a university rather than a college?

Answer . There can be some advantages to attending a university. Universities, of course, have graduate programs where colleges do not. Universities tend to be larger, offering a different campus experience (which may be a good or bad thing depending upon what you're looking for). By going to a u ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of going to college out of state?

Answer . \nAdvantages to going to school out of state...\n. \n1. you will learn details of a new and different society\n. \n2. you will have a more diverse resume\n. \n3. you will better prepare yourself to live independently\n. \n4. you may qualify for certain scholarships which you did not ( Full Answer )

What are the advantage of going to college in state?

Answer . \nThe most obvious advantage is that it is typically much cheaper to pay instate tuition as a resident then out of state tuition. Where I went to school, the difference was 10x more for out of state.

Where can you get scholarships for college?

The most plentiful source of scholarship money for first timefreshman is often the undergraduate university itself, througheither need-based financial aid or merit scholarships based on GPAand standardized test scores. These scholarships typically do notrequire additional applications, unless they a ( Full Answer )

How do you get college scholarships?

Apply for them through various organizations. Your college or high school should have a list you can look at with requirements .

Is there any advantages in going to a tech school rather than a college?

It depends on your overall career goals and objectives, and which institution will lead you to that career. That being said, if you intend to pursue a college degree, always make sure the college you intend to apply to has a regional accreditation. This way you are assured your course work and/or ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages and disadvantages of going to college?

I think some advantages are higher paying jobs, learning new skills and having experiences. some disadvantages are not alot of free time, stressful. but at the end it should pay off. You also would have money to help pay for your college tuition insted of financial aid .Another disadvantage is that ( Full Answer )

Can the president of the USA grant an age waiver for a person to enlist in the military for someone older than the cut off age to enlist?

He could, but he wont. Waivers do not come from the president, the come from the secretary of what ever service you are trying to get into. And if you are too young then you must wait, but if you are at least 17 1/2 and you parents sign the paper work, then you can enlist, but not before that. The m ( Full Answer )

What is the Army ROTC program in college?

A Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) program is a college-based, officer commissioning program, predominantly in the United States. It is designed as a college elective that focuses on leadership development, problem solving, strategic planning, and professional ethics. . For the source and ( Full Answer )

What aid do Army ROTC scholarships provide?

The military ROTC scholarships are pretty much the same across the board. The scholarship provides full tuition, lab fees, uniforms and books for the students. It provides a small stipend each month (it was $100 a month when I was in, but I believe it has gone up.) There is also payment during the s ( Full Answer )

Join the military or go to college?

How about go to a college with an ROTC of your liking and then decide after college. Either way you'll have military life.

Should you go to a Military college?

It depends. Do you want to be in the military? Are you interested in military? Do you want to be toughened up or get in better shape? IF the answer to these is yes then you should definitely consider a military college.

How can you get a scholarship to college?

You should always start by making a list of possible places that may offer scholarships. Some of these places may include: . The colleges you would like to attend . Your high school guidance counselor . Your city or town . Your after school job . Your church . Local non-profit organization ( Full Answer )

Do you have to enlist to do ROTC?

No, you do not enlist in the terms of going to a recruiter, however, you are a member of the armed forces and could be given orders. However, college ROTC does require that you sign a contract. Up to the point where you begin your Junior year of classes, you can walk away. If you walk away after tha ( Full Answer )

Why are scholarships advantageous?

Scholarships are advantageous because they provide you with funds for your schooling. These funds don't have to be paid back as a loan does. They can also be helpful in giving you incentive to perform well in school, as some scholarships require that you maintain a certain GPA. Writing scholarship e ( Full Answer )

Advantages of going to a private college?

Well, the disadvantages are numerous (costs, acceptance rates, etc.) However, there are plenty of reasons to attend a private college/university: (All of these are "typical" as no general statements can be made about every single college) -Smaller class sizes -More individual attention - ( Full Answer )

If you join ROTC in college do you have to join the military?

Joining the Reserve Officers' Training Corps does not mean that you have to join the military , it means that if the military needs you they can call you up for service. Theoretically, in times of peace, you might never be needed. Of course, the current times are not very peaceful, so you can prett ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between enlisting with the army vs doing the rotc program and going into the army as an officer?

Irregardless you will need to enlist into the Army, the ROTC program offered through some colleges requires you to be in the Army Reserves prior to applying for the Scholarship, it is your choice on the route you want to go. The biggest difference is that you will receive an active duty pay check a ( Full Answer )

Is there way to go to college first rather than going to university first to become psychiatric?

There is no difference between college and university coursework. They are equivalent. In brief, colleges are divided into academic departments while universities are divided by academic schools. For example, the school of business, or engineering, or allied health. The critical issue is choosing th ( Full Answer )

How much can a ROTC earn in college?

Depends on what you do as your job after class. You might still be working as waiter or whatever. An ROTC cadet who is assigned to a Reserve or National Guard unit for a monthly UTA will be paid the equivalent of a Sergeant during those UTAs, but you don't actually get paid for being an ROTC cadet.

What are the advantages of going to college for employability?

It depends on the type of job you are looking for. If you want to work in corporate America you have to understand the reason a college degree is important. We live in very fast moving, technical times and most jobs require you to understand and use complex information. A college degree tells an emp ( Full Answer )

What college is the army ROTC the best at?

I have been wondering the same question as you. "What college is the army ROTC the best at" I have found out that the military doesn't rank college ROTC programs anymore but private companies do. So my suggestion is go to a book store and look for a book on the army ROTC and which colleges it is bes ( Full Answer )

How do you get a scholarship into a college?

Depending on the college, you apply for a specific scholarship and send it in. However, there are many other ways to get them. Your high school guidance counselor should be able to help you with anything else.

How much is the ROTC scholarship worth?

The united states Army and Navy ROTC scholarships are full rides.The Airforce is the only branch that gives different amounts ofmoney for different levels of academic merit. Army and Navy alsogive whats called a 3 year AD scholarship, which basically meansthat your first year of college none of the ( Full Answer )

Where college can you go to off a volleyball scholarship?

If you are really committed and good at volleyball you can get scholarships to big volleyball schools like UCLA or USC. If you are not as committed but still really good you can play at a smaller volleyball school such as Notre Dame or Cal state. Just remember if you want to get seen by a college yo ( Full Answer )

How does an rotc e3 make in college?

ROTC cadets typically aren't paid for being ROTC cadets. However, if they drill with a Reserve or National Guard unit, they receive pay equivalent to what an E-5 in that unit would receive.

Why does the military seize power in a nation rather than rule it?

If they rule it they would have to run it by the president. And cuz of good old checks-and-balances, he/she would have to run it by congress. So it's really easier for them to seize it and wait for a responsible leader to run it than ruling.

Is rotc good on college applications?

Extracurricular activities are usually looked on as a positive indicator. Even High School ROTC, from what I hear. Frankly, based on the people I know who were in it, I'd regard it as a slight demerit. It definitely shouldn't be the only thing you did other than go to class. Unless, of course, yo ( Full Answer )

What is your ROTC time commitment after college?

Depends. If you attend one of the US Military Academies (West Point, Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, or Coast Guard Academy) or you go to school on an ROTC scholarship, you have an obligation to actively serve for five years. If you took ROTC but ROTC had nothing to do with funding your school, th ( Full Answer )

How does one go about getting an academic college scholarship?

Academic scholarships are basically just what you probably think they are. In order to get an academic scholarship to pay for school, you are going to need to get exceedingly good grades and, most likely, graduate in the top five to ten percent of your class.

How can one get a Navy RotC scholarship?

An online application form must be completed to apply for a scholarship with the NROTC. Here you will also find details of the age and quaifications required to apply.

Can you get scholarships if you plan to go to an online college such as university of phenix?

Yes. You can earn scholarships for onlinedegree programs, but it is important to read the requirements andlimitations for any scholarship program to which you apply. Ingeneral, most college scholarships are open to degree seekingstudents enrolled at accredited institutions. Some scholarships canbe u ( Full Answer )