What is the answer to Martins riddle in the game your Sims Agents what is the place where castles are built everyday people bathe without water and people brush their hair without a comb?

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How do you write a essay on a place without people?

It depends on what the essay is for. If it is for National Geographic, write it about the wildlife. See what I mean?

How do you turn your Sims into plant people without the Sims 2 seasons?

You can't.. You have to have the sims 2 seosons installed, when you have, plant some trees (on which grow apples, oranges or lemons) then, get your sim to care for the trees (Like Spraying it from bugs, cutting the uneven edges...) then throught some time your sim is gonna turn into the plant person! . If you want a plant sim without Sims 2 Seasons, go to thesims2.com . Once your on the website, at the top there will be an icon saying "Exchange" click it. . It will bring you to a page and in a white box with "Keyword" above it type in Plant sim. . It will come up with sims that are plant sims. You can go to page 2 and 3 and all that at the bottom of the page. Once you have chosen the one you want then download it. There should be a button saying download. Click it. Be warned, Im not quite sure but you might have to sign up for it first. Im fizzysweete, visit me!!! . Hope I helped, . fizzysweete

Why do people brush there hair?

To look nice and it gets tangles out and helps to remove dead skin cells so your hair docent itch like crazy and to look nice

Why do people without water perish before they do without food?

Since 3/4 of your body is made of water it is important to drink lots of water

How long can people go without water?

About 13 days without water that's the record.but on average a week (if you live in a comfortable temperature area if you live in the Sahara desert a day);- )

How many people speed everyday without getting caught?

This question cannot be answered. The fact that they don't get caught means that no-one counts them.

Can people survive without water?

yes only for a period of time though when you have nothing to eat you will start to eat your own body fat soon enough you will die without food or water

How long can people survive without water?

3 days, under normal conditions. . It should be noted, however, that the environment can also affect how long we can survive without water. This includes air temperature, relative humidity etc.

In the game riddle odyssey what city has no people?

The answer to 'What city has no people?' in Riddle odyssey is electricity. Try it on the game.

How do people survive without food or water?

you cant survive without it for ever but you can survive without food for about 20-30 days but water you can only survive without water for about 2-4 days so if i were you i would eat and drink also you should take a crap once a day so you can get rid of ur waste and if ur askin about dating me im not gonna answers u unless your hottttt

Can you give people your games on steam without losing the game?

No, unless you let them on your account, which is a bad idea and not recommended.

How do you brush curly hair without losing the curls?

Well if they're permanent curls then you don't need to worry about that but if you have used Curling Tongs Put hair Spray on and then brush it. I hope this helps anyone that needs Advice xxx

If you leave your hair to dry when its wet without brushing it will you hair be frizzy when dry?

Not so much frizzy but knoty!! It'll be very hard to brush and it also depends upon your hair type and when you last brushed it, if you used shampoo or conditioner, what kind of shampoo or conditioner, etc... why don't you try and find out!

How long can people go without water and why?

We are made mostly of water. Our brain is in fact 80% water. We can survive no more than a few days without drinking any. Of course, this will vary depending on active you are - how much you sweat etc. . However, water doesn't have to come directly from our food and drink. Respiratory water is produced as a by-product of aerobic respiration: . C 6 H 12 O 6 + 6O 2 -----> 6CO 2 + 6H 2 O (+ energy) . Camels don't store water in their humps. They store fat, which then turns into water when it's metabolised. Same with humans - kind of...

Why do people die without water?

Around 75% of our bodies and water, and everytime we go to the toliet some empties and we need it to keep everything in our bodies working aswell as the fact that blood has water in it and if there isn't enough water in your blood then your blood isn't normal and that can cause you to die.

Why do people get sick without water for a week?

Most people die without water for a week. What did you really mean by the question?

What is the answer to Hopkins riddle in your sims agents?

Actually, you have to go outside of Martin's House then click on the rock that is across the boxes outside of Martin's house

How do you get to the other places in town on My Sims Agents DS game?

You can walk or take a cab. If you are in the beginning of the game you can't do that. Hope this helps! -Tyler

How do you uninstall a Sims game without the disc?

Go to the START button in the left bottom corner of the computer screen, then click ALL PROGRAMS, then EA GAMES, then THE SIMS, then UNISTALL THE SIMS. This worked on my windows XP computer so it should work on other models of PC too. Hope this helped.x

How do you solve the riddle on my sims agents?

if you are talking about the underwater one the first one it's 50 and In the second riddle You push/pull the objects like below.... Scarecrow................................................ Fire Lantern.................................................... Well Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_solve_the_riddles_under_the_lake_in_my_sims_agents#ixzz1ICwPRGNw .

How do you make houses on sims deluxe without the people?

when you are in the neighbor hood mode DO NOT select a family, you will be in build mode and you can build a house without a family in the house, and you can later move a family into the house or you can upload the house to a sims download site.

Why do people need to drink water everyday?

So you don't get dehydrated, Although the average human can go 3-4 days with out water.

What is the answer to the riddle about the map on your sims agents?

There are two statues of pigs on either side of that part of town. They are looking at the place where the map is kept. Sorry, I don't know where the map is exactly.

What is the answer for the riddle on My Sims Agents DS?

go to the boxes by martins house then go to the rock next to them then press a

How does the baby get older without your people growing older on sims 2?

use the cheat code age on/off on who ever you want to stay the same age

Why can't people survive without water?

Without water, your body wouldn't be able to get rid of toxins thatcan cause damage to your cells and organs. Water is also needed formaintenance of body temperature, digestion, absorption of food, andcirculation of blood.

Do you have to comb there hair everyday?

You don't have to comb your hair everyday, but it does help to prevent split ends, permanently straightening your hair is a faster way to keep split ends happening.

Do white people wash there hair everyday?

Not all do. When I was a teen, I did, because it was very oily, and got dirty quickly. Now that I'm middle-aged, my hair stays clean longer, because my scalp makes a lot less oil.

Do people drink water everyday?

Yes, and if they don't, they should get an IV asap! ( I'm not really sure about the last part )

Why can people survive a few days without water and a week or more without food but no more than a few minutes without oxygen?

It's to ward of the wolves. Oxygen = no wolves. Food and water = Wolves. Common sense people. /\ i don't know what he's trying to say but we humans rely on oxygen to breath, oxidize blood, think clearly, and other things. Oxygen is an important role in our respiratory system. Have you ever ran a mile really fast as hard as you can and after it you are winded gasping for air and your vision is sort of going black and weird. That's because you're not getting enough oxygen in your lungs and enough oxygen to perform aerobic respiration. Your body will eventually give out if you don't get enough oxygen.

Do people bath in holy water?

Yes a lot of Catholics do it. It's like baptism but in a different way. When you get baptized it is a symbol of clensing yourself of your sins. They belive when you baptize in the river you clean your self of your sins and they get washed away in the river never to be seen agian.

What is the riddle answer flow of life sims agent?

it means the pictures in front are of a chick a chicken and an egg you have to step onto the different pictures in the correct order of their life so an egg thent he chick then the chicken and then the egg again and it continues like that

Why can people not live without water?

Because the human body is 90% water ... and that water need to be replenished ...

Can sims in sims 3 go to other peoples houses without cars?

Of coarse! Just click the house u want to get to and your sim(depending on age) will either take a taxi or bike to the house

How do you make a cute side part in your hair without it looking like a comb over?

A side part starts too look like a comb over when you make it too deep, especially if you have bangs that you pull across as well. Make your part about an inch off center, it will be clearly to the side but not too far.

What is the word for a public place where people can have a bath?

In ancient Rome they used the word "thermae" for the baths, although thermae literally means a hot bath. But since all the public baths had hot rooms, thermae was appropriate. The word "blaineum" could also be used.

How can people play games without requirements?

its almost impossible if it is a memory requirement you culd still play the game you just cant save it or not have some charateristics

How can you interact with people on pony wood game without joining?

You can't. The only way to interact with another player if by joining the site :)

Can your insurance agent add people to your policy without your approval?

As long as the sun is blue and outside it is cloudy with a chance of minivans!

How do people live without water?

It is impossible to live without water. You don't need just pure water, though it is a nutritionally fantastic beverage, because basically every drink you name contains some water. People who don't have access to water, or at least clean water, are liable to illness and death. That's why poor countries still have diseases that developed countries eradicated long ago, such as Cholera. A shorter answer would be: People can not live without water.

Why do people leave hair in the brush?

well when ppl brush their hair, hair falls out, leaving the hair in the brush

Are there any sims games without nudity?

None of the Sims games have nudity, they all have a blurred patch unless you chose to remove it.

What do people observe everyday without noticing?

well people normally can see things but sometimes when they get nervous they barely cant notice anything.....but when they observe things they can see what that object is

Is it possable to call people on IPhone without a SIM card?

not thru the built in phone app but there are other app using VOIP that allow u to call people over internet without a SIM card

Why do people become ill if they go without water for a week?

Your body is made up of 75% water. Your body needs water to maintain its functions. Without it your skin starts to dehydrate and you feel sluggish and weak.

Can you charge people to do their hair without a license?

Depending on yout state laws, no you can't. but i mean. the 5-0aint going to coming knocking your door down. if you're doingsomeones hair.

Why should you be gentle when you brush or comb your hair?

Because not brushing/combing properly can rip out your hair and cause breakage or damage, the only way to replenish hair after that much breakage would be a shampoo that strengthens hair .

Why people brush dogs hair?

Brushing A dogs fur removes excess hair from the dogs coat, and cuts down significantly on the amount of hair you have to deal with on your furniture, car, and your favorite black pants. It also helps distribute the natural oils in the dog's fur and skin, keeping there coat healthy and looking its best. Brushing is also a great way to check your dog's health. .

Were railroads built to get people from place to place?

Not really, moving people is relatively costly and was always a "loss-leader" and/or a public relations deal. Railroads are freight movers - EXCEPT for rapid transit - subways, trollies, etc.

Who paints everyday events people and places?

Maybe the realism artists do. Gustave Courbet (See related link for artist page) Jan van Eyck (See related link for artist page) Jean-François Millet (See related link for artist page) Although realism artist paint everyday people, places and events, modern artists, conceptual artists do also. When you think about it, people, places and things are the most common subject for any artist to paint in their own style.