What is the answer to Martins riddle in the game your Sims Agents what is the place where castles are built everyday people bathe without water and people brush their hair without a comb?

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Why do people brush there hair?

To look nice and it gets tangles out and helps to remove dead skin cells so your hair docent itch like crazy and to look nice

Can people survive without water?

yes only for a period of time though when you have nothing to eat you will start to eat your own body fat soon enough you will die without food or water

Why do people die without water?

Around 75% of our bodies and water, and everytime we go to the toliet some empties and we need it to keep everything in our bodies working aswell as the fact that blood has wa

How do people live without water?

It is impossible to live without water. You don't need just pure water, though it is a nutritionally fantastic beverage, because basically every drink you name contains some w