What is the average amount of time spent on death row?

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unfortunatly the amount of time on death row is about 14 years by time all the appeals that you automatically qualify for are exhausted not counting appeals your lawyer makes on your behalf . which is why some prisoners stop the appeals process after a while and opt for death rather than deal with these stays of execution and the length of time a life sentence means if 14years are more than you can stand. i met a few people who were doing a lifer and had their execution date transfered to life who are just waiting to die of natural causes that wish they would be executed. one man an 85year old man has been incarcerated since June 1950 who should have been executed many years ago and the law changed so his sentence was comuted to life he regrets that the lawyers kept using all his appeals until the change was enacted. also it costs the state a big $2.03 to keep him fed each day and whatever medical problems he has had since 1950
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