What is the average cost of utilities for a 2 bedroom apartment?

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What is the average cost of an electric bill for a one bedroom apartment?

Answer Electric bills are usually pretty small for one bedroom apartments, maybe $60; however, there are many factors that determine how much the bill will be. Some are where you live, how much electricity you use, the square footage of the apartment, etc. The best way to estimate how much your ele ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost of an utilities bill for a two bedroom apartment?

We live in a 850 sq ft. house (~10 yrs old) that we pay $900/month in rent(which is really good deal for living west of downtown). On average we pay $180 for our utilities. Our gas bill fluctuates from around $30-50 in the summer to about $100-$120 in the winter. And we split our water/sewer bill 50 ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost of a water bill for a two bedroom apartment?

on the road coming south from the blue angel hotel there is a mcdonalds i stopped in to by a big breakfast and a coffee it was $17. wow there must be a mistake no those tank trucks out there bring us water so the water must be trucked in perhaps $1 a gallon some places you never ventu ( Full Answer )

What Average Cost of Austin One Bedroom Apartment?

The overall cost of living is 7% below the national average, and apartments for rent run at an average monthly cost of $750, with utilities averaging $90 per month. This varies greatly based location and age of the complex. In general, downtown is the most expensive. Recommend you check the rel ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost of utilities for a 1 bedroom apartment?

The average cost of utilities for a one-bedroom apartment will vary by location. In the southern states they are typically lower because the winters tend to be rather warmer. Of course, the summers can be hotter, but that can happen anywhere, even in Canada. This being said, the average cost of esse ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost of an utilities bill for a three bedroom apartment?

This is a very hard thing to answer. I mean things change very quickly. First, if you are living in an aparment building your cost will be much lower than if you are renting a house. On average a month I pay about $30 water/sewer/trash, $200 tv/phone/internet, $100 electric, $50 summer/$150 winter f ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost of utilities for apartments?

The monthly cost of an apartments utilities vary based on region,apartment size, and energy costs, among others. Common utilitycosts that must taken into consideration when factoring the cost ofleasing apartments are electricity, water, waste disposal,internet, television and others. Some apartment ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost of utilities for a 4 bedroom house?

ANSWER: . That's impossible to calculate--too many variables such as square feet, one story or two, all electric or electric/gas, how big your lawn is (water), how old or energy efficient the house is, and where you live. Utility prices vary greatly between states and even within the same state. ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost for a 2 bedroom apartment?

It depends entriely on the city and where in that city the apartment is located. can average from 250 all the way to 2500 just depends where you are staying also for a bakery 500

What is the average square footage of a 2 bedroom apartment?

Depends, of course. But in general something between 1,000 to 1,600 sq feet. Here's a graph I found of apartment sizes in Manhattan. Who knows how accurate this info is, but you can bet NYC apts are generally smaller than non-urban apts.\n(http://curbed.com/uploads/2006_09_miller_sqft-thumb.jpg)

What is the average cost of electricity for a 1 bedroom apartment in Arizona?

Well... I just got my APS bill after living in my 1 bedroom appartment for one month and it apparently costs me about $120. I try to be energy efficient (when I remember) by turning off lights when not in use, turning up the air when I'm not home and unplugging things like chargers because even when ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost of a 2 bedroom apartment in Minnesota?

\nI'd say average for a 2 bedroom can run from 800-1000. That is in a decent area and the complex is decent too. I have seen them as low as 600 and as high as 2000. but average you are probably going to run between the 800 and 1000 range.

What is the average electricity bill for a 2 bedroom apartment in FL?

I just moved away from central FL (Melbourne area) after living there for 22 years. If the apartment is well insulated (hard to tell till after you start living there) and has an a/c with energy rating of 14 or higher, then your electric bill should average about $120 a month and be around a high of ( Full Answer )

What is the average utility bill in a one bedroom apartment?

Would depend on the construction and location of the apartment and your utility co rates. But in Green Bay Wisconsin it runs me about $50-$80 a month in summer for gas and elec and $160-$190 a month in the winter. Depends on the weather and how much I play with my electronic toys like my three compu ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost of utilities in a 3 bedroom apt in allston ma?

You will have the following costs: This assumes a 3 bedroom is about 1400 sq. ft. Heat: This all depends on what floor you are on. The higher floors will have nearly no heat bill if you pay yourself. Even the third floor of a triple decker will be very inexpensive compared to any first floor pl ( Full Answer )

What is the average water bill in a 2 bedroom apartment?

This really depends on where you live. In Pennsylvania, USA, the average water bill for two people living in a two bedroom apartment last year was about $50 every three months, but that was actually half of the bill for a house divided into two 2BR apartments. Three people lived in the other half. I ( Full Answer )

What is the average electric bill cost for a 4 bedroom apartment?

This varies significantly based on location - where in the world you live, and the time of year. In the U.S. the bill could be as inexpensive as $20 when no heat or air conditioning are used at one extreme - and well over $200 in an expensive area when you are using electric heat or air conditionin ( Full Answer )

What is average cost of an electric bill for a two bedroom apartment?

I just moved out of an 2bedrooom two of us lived there. we paid aprox.75$ every bill(bc hydro) we were billed every 3months. we were loyal about conserving electricity ie turning lights off, energy efficient bulbs. Heat and hot water were not electric though. If you have an electric heater you'll be ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost of electric bill for a four bedroom apartment?

There is no particular answer to this question. First of all there are several variables to consider. First is location. If someone lives in Alaska, the electric biill is going to be different than someone who lives in Arizona. The next variable is the temperature you prefer. Some people are more wa ( Full Answer )

Average utilities for 2 bedroom town home?

Depends entirely on the location, and the type of utilities. Gas, water, sewer, and electricity have different rates in different places. How well the home is constructed will also have an impact on costs.

What is the average cost of a three bedroom apartment in Barcelona?

"3 bedroom apartments in Barcelona vary in price, depending on time of year and location. They are generally 150-250 per night. When booking, remember to check for additional costs as there are often additional costs for cleaning or other services."