What is the average electricity bill for a two bedroom apartment in dublin?

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What is the average cost of an electric bill for a one bedroom apartment?

Answer Electric bills are usually pretty small for one bedroom apartments, maybe $60; however, there are many factors that determine how much the bill will be. Some are where you live, how much electricity you use, the square footage of the apartment, etc. The best way to estimate how much your ele (MORE)

What is the average cost of an utilities bill for a two bedroom apartment?

We live in a 850 sq ft. house (~10 yrs old) that we pay $900/month in rent(which is really good deal for living west of downtown). On average we pay $180 for our utilities. Our gas bill fluctuates from around $30-50 in the summer to about $100-$120 in the winter. And we split our water/sewer bill 50 (MORE)

What is the average cost of a water bill for a two bedroom apartment?

on the road coming south from the blue angel hotel there is a mcdonalds i stopped in to by a big breakfast and a coffee it was $17. wow there must be a mistake no those tank trucks out there bring us water so the water must be trucked in perhaps $1 a gallon some places you never ventu (MORE)

What is the average cost of an utilities bill for a three bedroom apartment?

This is a very hard thing to answer. I mean things change very quickly. First, if you are living in an aparment building your cost will be much lower than if you are renting a house. On average a month I pay about $30 water/sewer/trash, $200 tv/phone/internet, $100 electric, $50 summer/$150 winter f (MORE)

What is the average cost of an electric bill for a one bedroom apartment in Pennsylvania?

Answer There is no way anyone can answer your question including the Electricity Company as no two people use the same amounts of electricity. Some people leave lights on all the time, too lazy to turn them off and others do turn the lights off and the clothes dryer too. Your electric company m (MORE)

What is the average water bill for a two bedroom apartment?

The amount of a water bill can vary by location and the number ofpeople in the home.A two bedroom apartment with one person willusually have a lower water bill than when two or more people areliving there. The amount of your water bill is based on amount usedplus sewer and taxes.

What is the average cost of electricity for a 1 bedroom apartment in Arizona?

Well... I just got my APS bill after living in my 1 bedroom appartment for one month and it apparently costs me about $120. I try to be energy efficient (when I remember) by turning off lights when not in use, turning up the air when I'm not home and unplugging things like chargers because even when (MORE)

What is the Average electricity bill for one bedroom apartment in Chicago?

My ComEd bill was $65 per month during Aug - Oct and $90 per month during Nov - Mar when I lived in a one bedroom in Hyde Park. This year I moved to Columbus Plaza downtown, my bills for Aug to Oct were about the same as last year but my bills for Nov - Dec were shockingly high at $130 per month! (MORE)

What is the Average electric bill for 3 bedroom apartment?

Depends on where you live. You didn't say which city. Depends on whether you have air conditioning, how many computers and televisions you use. You can figure electricity is expensive and you'll pay over $100 a month. In Nevada it's around $160.

What is the average electricity bill for a two bedroom in California?

I am not sure for a 2 bedroom, I will know next month seeing as I just moved into a 2 bedroom this month lol. As for a one bed one bath I paid no more than $40 a month. My husband and I have lived in a one bed for 2 years and even with heat during the winter it has never gone over $40. It averages a (MORE)

What is the average heating bill for a two bedroom apartment?

Heating costs for a two-bedroom apartment will vary depending on anumber of factors. You need to take into consideration the size ofthe apartment and your location. Heating costs in colder locationswill be higher than those in warmer climates.

How much should you pay for an electricity bill when living in a two bedroom apartment?

This depends upon how many electric appliances that are being used, as well as what your power company is charging per "kilowatt-hour." The kilowatt-hour useage is what determines how much you are charged for electricity. If your apartment is "all-electric," meaning you have an electric stove, water (MORE)

What is the average electricity bill for a 2 bedroom apartment in FL?

I just moved away from central FL (Melbourne area) after living there for 22 years. If the apartment is well insulated (hard to tell till after you start living there) and has an a/c with energy rating of 14 or higher, then your electric bill should average about $120 a month and be around a high of (MORE)

What is the average electric bill cost for a 4 bedroom apartment?

This varies significantly based on location - where in the world you live, and the time of year. In the U.S. the bill could be as inexpensive as $20 when no heat or air conditioning are used at one extreme - and well over $200 in an expensive area when you are using electric heat or air conditionin (MORE)

What is average cost of an electric bill for a two bedroom apartment?

I just moved out of an 2bedrooom two of us lived there. we paid aprox.75$ every bill(bc hydro) we were billed every 3months. we were loyal about conserving electricity ie turning lights off, energy efficient bulbs. Heat and hot water were not electric though. If you have an electric heater you'll be (MORE)

What is the average cost of electric bill for a four bedroom apartment?

There is no particular answer to this question. First of all there are several variables to consider. First is location. If someone lives in Alaska, the electric biill is going to be different than someone who lives in Arizona. The next variable is the temperature you prefer. Some people are more wa (MORE)