What is the average humidity in the Sahara desert?

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What is the Sahara Desert?

The Sahara Desert is a hot, dry area covering most of North Africa. Because there is practically no rainfall, few plants can grow there and those that do are specialized for arid conditions. In some parts there are no plants at all. Occasional wet areas fed by underground springs support oases, w ( Full Answer )

Where is the Sahara Desert?

The Sahara covers the northern section of Africa , and spreads over almost all of the "top" of the continent. It is the largest hot desert in the world, as well as the second largest desert on earth after Antarctica. The Sahara covers all or part of Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Mo ( Full Answer )

Which is larger the Gobi desert or the Sahara desert?

The Sahara Desert in northern Africa is the largest hot desert inthe world at 9.65 million sq km. The Gobi Desert in China andMongolia is the 3rd largest hot desert in the world at 1.3 millionsq km.

What kind of desert is the Sahara desert?

A desert is any place that receives less than 250 mm of precipitation a year. Desert types can be arranged in a two by five matrix. On one axis - Hot deserts: Very hot in the day, potentially cold at night Cold deserts: Potentially warm during the day, very cold at night On the other ax ( Full Answer )

How did the Sahara Desert become a desert?

According to paleoclimate models and scientific discoveries in theregion, the desert dried out through a gradual climate change wellover five thousand years ago. It was once much like the Sahelregion to the south, with dry grassland and seasonal lakes. Because the land is arid and has a very little ( Full Answer )

Which is more humid - the forest or desert?

Easily the forest.. The forest is most definetly more humid because there would be a lot of rain for the trees to grow. The rain that is unused and still remains in the soil is what will evaporate and make it humid. Deserts usually are not near anything (bodies of water) so they would be much more ( Full Answer )

Is the Sahara desert the biggest desert?

No, actually. The Antarctic Desert is the largest desert, thoughsome geographers disagree. A desert is determined by its annualprecipitation, and Antarctica is definitely a dry cold area. Deserts are normally divided into "cold" and "hot" deserts. The Sahara is the largest hot desert and Antarctic ( Full Answer )

Is the Sahara desert a tropical desert?

No it is a dry desert, however, certain coastal portions mayhave high humidiy and be slightly "tropical", however, they do nothave a tropical climate

Why is the Sahara a desert?

It is desert due to lack of water, lack of farmable land, the type of flora and fauna that live there, climate, and vast amounts of sand. It gets very hot in the day and cold at night. It has sandstorms that are very severe.

Monthly average temperature of Sahara desert each month?

Monthly Normals January February March April May June July August September October November December High Temperature ( C ) 22 25 29 33 38 44 45 44 40 34 27 22 Low Temperature ( C ) 7 10 13 17 22 28 29 29 26 20 13 8 Precipitation ( mm ) 3.7 3.5 1.2 1.6 0.5 0.1 0 ( Full Answer )

Is the Sahara Desert the largest desert?

The Sahara Desert is the largest hot desert, The largest desert is actually Antarctica . No. The Sahara is the largest hot desert covering 3.6 millionsquare miles, a bit larger than the Australian Outback, but rankssecond in size to the Antarctic Desert which is the largest desertin the world ( Full Answer )

What is the humidity of the Atacama Desert?

The Atacama desert is not very humid at all. The Atacama desert is the driest place on the earth. Some locations, however, receive a marine fog known locally as the camanchaca , that provides sufficient moisture for hypolithic algae, lichens and even some cacti to grow. Some animals, particularly i ( Full Answer )

How do you get out of the Sahara Desert?

Ha-ha, not easy, but if you knew where your relative position was the best thing would probably to head towards the coast (which ever was the closest). The thing that you wouldn't want to do is travel south, this would only take you deeper in to hostile terrain with few signs of civilization.

Which is hotter the Sahara Desert or the Atacama Desert?

The Sahara Desert is hotter than the Atacama Desert, it's larger than the Atacama Desert and it has more life, but the Atacama Desert is much drier. The Atacama Desert is the driest place on Earth, with an average of less than a millimetre of the rain.

Is the Sahara desert the largest desert in Asia?

No . The Sahara Desert is the largest hot desert in the worldbut it is located in Africa. The Gobi Desert is the largest desertin Asia. Clarification: Actually, the Arabian Desert is the largest desert in Asia. TheGobi is the second largest.

Is the desert humid?

No, the desert is not humid, that is why deserts don't get any or much rain.

What is the Sahara desert about?

The Sahara desert covers most of Northern Africa and the Arabic word for desert is Sahara.So the translation is actually desert desert.Wow that's a lot of sand.

What deserts are south of the Sahara desert?

The Kalahari Desert. Also there is Saudi Arabia which has a desertin it, and is east of the Sahara Desert. The Namib Desert issouthwest of the Sahara.

How have the Sahara desert plants adapted to the Sahara desert?

Plants adapt to these harsh conditions in may ways, for instance: . Longer roots to reach the water . Some have the ability to only live during times of less aridity . They all have thick external 'skin' to prevent the suns rays from with drawing too much water. . They often have spikes (to stop ( Full Answer )

What is the humidity level of the desert?

very lil cuz theres no trees or plants for transpiration, no waterfor evaporation. the air is very dry thus humidity level is less. .

Is the Sahara Desert humid during the night?

Yes and no. As the temperature drops, the relative humidity rises.There is no more moisture in the air than during the day, however.Cool air can hold less moisture than warm air so the capacity ofthe air to hold water decreases.

What is the humidity percent of deserts?

That depends upon the specific desert and season of the year. Indeserts of the American southwest, the humidity may drop to lessthan 10 percent in the dry winter but may be 50-60 percent (ormore) during the summer rainy season.

Does the desert have a lot of humidity?

Generally, no. However, the humidity in a desert can rise touncomfortable levels during the rainy season. As I write this fromthe Chihuahuan Desert the relative humidity is 79% and dew point is66 degrees. It is the monsoon season and the humidity isapproaching that of a tropical rainforest.

What is the monthly average rainfall in the Sahara desert?

The average rainfall for the Sahara Desert as a whole is less than 5 inches per year (12.7 centimetres). The driest areas receive less than 2 centimetres or rain and the wettest areas get up to 10 centimetres or just under 4 inches of rainfall. It does not rain often and when it does it is usually a ( Full Answer )

What are hot humid desert conditions?

Hot, humid desert conditions are an anomaly and would only occur during therainy season. Deserts are usually quite dry and have a lowhumidity.

What is humidity like in the Chihuahuan Desert?

During most of the year the humidity runs below 20 percent, sometimes in single digits. During the summer monsoon the humidity can get considerably higher, however.

Why is the Sahara desert called the sahra desert?

This is because the saharians that live there 300years ago foundout the ancient greece mytholegy of physics so they decided toexplore the mainlands of the sahara desert and found minerals androcks and gust that was sahara and many did not come back alive sothey called the sahara desert the sahara de ( Full Answer )

What is the average temperature in winter at the Sahara desert?

Well Sahara is most driest and hottest area over world. That meantemperature here always above 30 degree and overage temperature is40 degree over the year. Some times it raised to 50 degree inspecific seasons. how ever this spot is now one of the best touristattractions. I had a trip on Sahara deser ( Full Answer )