Whats the average salary of a rock star?

Typically rock stars don't draw a salary as that would make them sellouts like Cher. Instead, they make lots of money from royalties and merchandising. well if you're fall (MORE)

What is difference beyween average salary hike average salary?

Average Salary hike is termed as the average hike in wages that are received by a certain group of employees in a financial year For example Employess A, B & C each get 20, (MORE)

What is the meaning of median salary or average salary?

\naverage salary is a pretty generic term and does not tell you how the number is computed. Usually, but not always, it would be the sum of the salaries divided by the number (MORE)

Was Lady Gaga a porn-star?

No, Lady Gaga was not a adilt film star. She was, however, a burlesque dancer in the early days of her career in New York's Lower East Side.