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What is the banking history in Nigeria?

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History of cooperative society in Nigeria?

The history of the cooperative society in Nigeria is that itstarted when people decided to come together to contribute money inorder to meet their immediate and future needs.

What is the history of Nigeria?

there is the Nigerian war and flag history and also some history  about the money (naira).There is many points of history in Nigeria  it is important to learn about it becau

What is the political history of Nigeria?

In hope of restoring the country back to civilian rule, the AFRC created two new political parties: the national republican convention (nrp)led by Bashir Tofa from northern

History of mass media in Nigeria?

The history of Nigerian mass media can be traced to Henry Townsend, who in 1859 established a newspaper called Iwe iroyin. the purpose of establishing a news paper was becau

History of radio broadcasting in Nigeria?

Radio Broadcasting was introduced to Nigeria by the British in 1932, when BBC signals were relayed to receivers through the rediffusion system. In 1951, the Nigerian Broadcast

What is the history of advertising in Nigeria?

NIGERIA'S advertising business has witnessed tremendous growth especially in recent times.Though the business is witnessing colossal growth, the industry, like most business s

What is the history of book publishing in Nigeria?

Book publishing in Nigeria is one of the oldest businesses in the history of the nation. Before the 1914 amalgamation of the diverse peoples on the geographical entity named N