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How do you summarize?

A summary is: the most important information of every paragraph -  join that into a new paragraph and then take the most important  information of the new paragraph you made

What is summarizing?

Summarizing is taking a large idea or statment and just going over the highlights. If I read Les Miserables (a very long book), and then sat down and told you the story in hal

When do you summarize?

A summary is generally used at the end of an essay. This is just a  way to tie together everything that was included in the essay.

What rhymes with summarize?

advise allies applies apprise apprize arise assize ayes banzais baptize barflies belies blowflies botflies buckeyes buys byes capsize chastise clockwise coastwise cock

How can you summarize communism?

Marxist viewpoint on History and Economy: History revolves around class struggle and violent revolution against the ruling class by the lower class. Economy, "from each which

What are summarizing statements?

When you have delivered a long and complicated argument of some kind (either verbally or in writing) it is often useful, at the end, to give a succinct statement of your point
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Is summarizing a noun?

It can be, as a gerund. But it is also a verb form. The noun form  for to summarize is summary.