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What is summarizing in accounting?

The word summarizing used in the accounting field means to prepare  the trial balance. This is basically balancing the books at the end  of the month or year.

How do you summarize?

A summary is: the most important information of every paragraph -  join that into a new paragraph and then take the most important  information of the new paragraph you made

What is summarizing?

Summarizing is taking a large idea or statment and just going over the highlights. If I read Les Miserables (a very long book), and then sat down and told you the story in hal

What is Summarizing of accounting?

summarising involves presenting the already classified data in summarised form.this involve the preparation of balance sheet.

What is the definition of summarizing?

Summarizing involves presenting the key points and details of a long document or report. (This is separate from the concept of paraphrasing, "using your own words", because a

How do you summarize a story?

The best way to summarize a story is to pull out it's main parts.  You want to talk very briefly about characters as well.

What is summarize?

  SUMMARIZE : to make a summary, or general gist of a report or communication; to "sum up" or list the key items of a detailed listing or communication.

What is Summarize mean?

To summarize means to 'sum something up' or shorten it into conses form.

What rhymes with summarize?

advise allies applies apprise apprize arise assize ayes banzais baptize barflies belies blowflies botflies buckeyes buys byes capsize chastise clockwise coastwise cock

What are summarizing statements?

When you have delivered a long and complicated argument of some kind (either verbally or in writing) it is often useful, at the end, to give a succinct statement of your point

What is the summarizing technique?

Read the article. Re-read the article. Underline important ideas. Circle key terms. Find the main point of the article. Divide the article into sections or stages of though

How do you summarize what you have read?

First, figure out what it is you need to summarize. Then close read that passage/section/book, etc. Pay attention to the main points each section is discussing. If you are rea