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Can you watch 3d on standard tv?

There are converters that claim to help you watch 3D on regular TVs though not everyone would compare the effect to 3D. Sony's new 3D TVs claim to have an "up-conversion" tha (MORE)

I am an athletic and just love to watch it on the TV. But I want to watch it on the 3D TV to learn the techniques. please suggest me the best 3D TV to enjoy the sport.?

You will need to do some research and get to experience a variety of models before buying. It is important that you see 3D and 2D television to make sure you like the glasses, (MORE)

Which TV technology is best to watch 3D movies?

There are two current technologies in use for 3D television. Active 3D requires battery powered glasses and allows full HD resolution images to be used. Recently, active glas (MORE)

Why do I get headaches when I watch 3D TV?

Some people complain of discomfort and headaches when watching 3D television. The technology is improving fast but before investing in any 3D system it is important to experie (MORE)

What is the best 3D TV size for watching live sport in 3D?

I'm not a big 3D fan, but I do know that 3D pictures should take up your whole field of vision. This means that you need a big screen size to get the best possible 3D viewing. (MORE)

Do you have to watch everything in 3D on your 3D TV?

3D TV is capable of showing both 2D and 3D images so you can always switch between 2D and 3D. You just need to turn on the 3D mode when watching 3D movies or 3D filmed TV prog (MORE)