What is the biggest environmental challenge for central America and the Caribbean and why?

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What is the difference between Central America and the Caribbean?

Central America is a landmass that extends from Mexico to Panama.. The Caribbean Islands are a bunch of islands in the Caribbean Sea, located east of Central America, south o

Are the Caribbean islands part of central America?

Some of the Caribbean islands, such as Cuba and Dominican Republic, are part of the Central America while other part of islands are owned by other countries which is USA, UK,

This is a major environmental concern in Central America?

Yes, there are many environmental concerns in Central America! Central America is affected by three major environmental issues: soil degradation, air pollution, and water poll

What is the natural resources of central America and the Caribbean?

Most of these include tropical fruits, agricultural products and some minerals like oil, gold, nickel and copper. For each country within both regions, these include: Centr