What is the capacity of a Sim card?

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What is a SIM card?

SIM or Subscriber Identity Module card is is a portable memory chip used in some models of cellular telephones. SIM cards store network-specific information used to authentica

What is sim card?

A SIM card is a small electronic circuit installed in a mobilephone or other device, that identifies the device to the networkit's using. A comprehensive explanation (along wi

How do you change an Optus sim card to a Telstra sim card?

I had to unlock my phone and what you do is ring up your current provider and they will give you a code to put in to your phone which will unlock it from the provider and then

Where can you get a SIM card?

when you buy a phone it normally comes with it but other than that at electronic stores or your mobile phone store :)

Where do you get a SIM card?

You can either - Get one from a local supermarket that supply phones - Send off a sim card from the phone's supplier (LG, Samsung, Nokia etc) website

What are the sim cards for and what do they do?

Never lose your Sim card. It's very valuable. Your Sim card is basically your memory card, like the ones you use to save your game on video games. It stores all the informatio

Are phone cards Sim cards?

No A phone card usually refers to a kind of charge card, something you pay with. A SIM-card is what gives a cell phone its number, it's identity.
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Can you use data on a sim card without the sim card in?

No. A sim card holds data for its self. On the other hand wi-fi holds data for its self. Meaning excess fees of a sim cards data is not possible unless the sim card is in the