What is blood circulation?

Blood circulation is when blood travels from the heart around the body: . It starts from the heart. Blood goes around the body and supplies oxygen and nutrients to the cell (MORE)
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What circulates the blood?

human have got closed blood circulation system n is double circulation ,veins carry deoygenated blood 4rm tissues to heart n arteries carries d oxygenated blood 2 cells n tiss (MORE)
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Why does blood circulate?

I think that your blood circulates to keep you alive first of all and to keep the rest of your body energized. If your blood stayed in one place I think it would be a blood cl (MORE)
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How blood circulates?

Let's follow the flow of blood starting at the Aorta, the aorta is the main blood vessel that carries O 2 rich blood to the vital organs, organs, systems, extremities, muscle (MORE)

What is circulation of blood?

Circulation of blood refers to its continual flow from the heart, through branching arteries, to reach and traverse the microscopic vessels in all parts of the body, reconverg (MORE)
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How the blood circulates?

Blood is circulated around the body by the heart through a system of blood vessels, forming the cardiovascular system. There are 3 kinds of blood vessels: arteries carry blood (MORE)

How do blood circulates?

circulation of blood takes place all over the body from head to toe.Deoxygenated blood gets oxygenised through our heart .It crosses the four chambers of our heart to get oxyg (MORE)
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What is the Circulation of the Blood?

"The circulation of blood through the body is often compared to aplumbing system with the heart as the pump and the veins, arteries,and capillaries as the pipes through which (MORE)