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What is the code for magnavox DVD vcr combo?

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What are the magnavox tv codes for an rca VCR remote?

Here are some codes I found online but none seem to work for my remote.. Codes for Magnavox TV when using RCA Universal Remote :. 006,007,010,011,013,016,027,033,035,043,

How do you connect a magnavox DVD recorder and VCR To TV?

some help is better than none... . plug in the power cords . look for the cables that are red white and yellow and conect them to the tv and magnavox with the correspondin

Who makes DVD VCR combos?

DVD VCR combos are made by every major electronic brand. The most common of these are Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, and Samsung. They can be found in retailers such as Walmart or
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What stores sell a VCR DVD Combo?

It may be getting more difficult to find, but many stores should sell a VCR/DVD combo, such as Target, Wal Mart, Fred Meyer, Costco. If you cannot find one in a store, you are