Codes for Philips ph601s universal remote?

I have a ph601s pphillips universal remote and have lost my code book. I have a variety of products ran off this one remote so I need the total listing. Please help, I have go (MORE)

What are the codes for a Philips universal remote for sylvania tv?

Try 0054. Let me expand my answer to be a little more helpful. Some remotes need a 5 digit code, some need a 4 digit code. Above is a 4 digit code, The 5 digit code would be (MORE)

What is universal remote code for Sylvania lc321ssx?

I was able to use the code search on a GE 4 function remote, I found the remote for $5 at Big Lots. I started the search with the TV on and let it run until it shut the TV of (MORE)
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How does one program a Philips universal remote?

Before attempting to program the remote, ensure that the desired device is turned on and that the corresponding three digit code for the specific device is at hand. Start by p (MORE)