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What is the continuing of a species?

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What is the difference between continual and continuous?

This is a great question because these two words are used incorrectly all the time.  Continual implies recurrence at regular or frequent intervals - for example: 'Dancing req

What is a species?

In general, a species is a group of similar organisms that can interbreed and produce fertile offspring. More specifically, species can be defined as a group that has similar

What are species?

Species is a group of living things that are so closely related that they can breed with one another and produce offspring that can breed as well.

What process ensures the continuation of the species?

This is the reproductive process (reproduction), by which living things make copies of themselves, or create offspring, so that the species continues after the death of the or

How does the fact that when a bacterium reproduces the offspring are exact copies of the parent bacterium affect under what conditions would this stadegy would help a species continue in the future?

  Answer   The reason that bacteria have been able to survive so long is that the asexual reproduction that they use allows for very little mutation, so as long as t