What is the correct account classification for a loan from your brother (repayable in 6 months) Select one?

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What happens if you miss a loan repayment?

They charge you a late fee, it goes on your credit report and you could get a phone call from the loan company.

What is the meaning of moratorium of repayments of loan?

Basically a moratorium on loan repayments is a loan repayment holiday. You are not required to make loan repayments or pay dues/fees for non-payment for a required period. Usu

Can a company demand repayment eight months after they have deposited money in your bank account by mistake?

Yes. They can do that. Since the initial deposit was a mistake, they have every right to demand a repayment because it was their money and you weren't supposed to get it in th

What is a loan repayment plan?

Whenever you take out a loan, you are borrowing someone else's money. Whatever you borrow, you are expected to pay back. A repayment plan is a plan about how much you will pay
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How do you get your loan number for repayment of your home loan?

You ask the people who are servicing the loan. Presumably you're asking because they couldn't supply that information. There are loans that have changed hands in poorly docume