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What is the correct account classification for a loan from your brother (repayable in 6 months) Select one?

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What is the meaning of moratorium of repayments of loan?

Basically a moratorium on loan repayments is a loan repayment holiday. You are not required to make loan repayments or pay dues/fees for non-payment for a required period. Usu

If you are unemployed can you apply to defer repayment of your student loan?

Yes its called a unemployment deferment or Forbearance. Most lenders will require you to apply for unemployment benefits with your state and show proof of active work search.

How do you treat the loan repayment in the balance sheet?

Loan repayment will reduce the amount of loan liability from  liability side of balance sheet as well as reduce the cash or bank  account as the payment is made through bank

How does a person use the Car Loan Repayment Calculator?

Car loan repayment calculators gives you the info about how much do you need to pay every month and how long. They also give you the total cost of a loan. They are easy to use

What is a loan repayment plan?

Whenever you take out a loan, you are borrowing someone else's money. Whatever you borrow, you are expected to pay back. A repayment plan is a plan about how much you will pay