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What are the cultures in Europe?

There are way too many cultures to name. There are hundreds and hundreds, perhaps thousands, of cultures in Europe. There is the English culture, the Italian, the French, the

What are the different cultures of Northern Europe?

This is tough to answer as there are regional cultures, traditional cultures, modernized cultures, etc. In the most broadest sense, they could be labeled with a culture that i

What are examples of cultural diffusion in Europe?

Well, several countries within Europe share similar cultures, usually distinct to a region. For example, the culture of the Nordic countries are very much alike, as well as th

What is Europes culture?

There are way too many cultures in Europe to name, because there is not just one. There are hundreds and hundreds, perhaps thousands, of cultures in Europe. There is the Engli

What are famous cultural foods in Europe?

The most famous are probably the Italian and French cuisines. Italian food has old roots and still today, it's probably one of the most widely spread food cultures around th

Where in Europe is the Basque culture from?

France and Spain are the places in Europe where the Basque culture can be found. Specifically, the Basque people engage in economic activities which are typical of the regio
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What are cultures Europe have?

There are many cultures in Europe, or in any country in Europe, much too many to name. But the most common, generic cultures would be identified in the regions of Europe. Scan
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Where is English culture in Europe?

First and foremost it is in England, which is a country in Europe. It can also be found to a lesser extent in other countries. The English language is spoken by many people ac