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How did ancient Muslim culture spread to Europe?

Even though Muslims did conquer Spain, the reason that Muslim  culture spread to Europe was because Islam, was in a very good  location for trade. They were surrounded by ma

Why was russia culturally different from western Europe?

The Russians had adopted the EasternOrthodox branch of  Christianity. Western Europeans werenmostly Catholics or  Protestants, and the Russians viewed them as heretics and a

How does slavic culture live on in eastern Europe today?

Slavic culture has really modernized since the 1900s. It has picked up Western values in some places, but strong, historical Slavic culture still thrives mainly in the farmlan

Briefly discuss the impact of viking culture on Europe?

Vikings, also known as Northmen or Norsemen, were groups of Germanic tribes living in far northern Europe. Vikings were fierce warriors who would sail to the south and west an
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What defines Eastern Europe as a cultural crossroads?

Traders, nomads, migrants, and armies have been passing through between Europe and Asia for manyy manyy years.